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Get Your Mom Ready: Easy Mother’s Day Makeup Tutorial for Indian Skin

Get Your Mom Ready: Easy Mother’s Day Makeup Tutorial for Indian Skin

Mother's Day is a special occasion to show appreciation and love for your mother. One way to make her feel special is by helping her get ready with a simple and easy Mother's Day Makeup Tutorial. Indian skin has unique features, and knowing how to enhance those features is key to achieving a beautiful makeup look. In this tutorial, we will go over the steps to achieve a simple yet elegant look that will make your Indian mom feel confident and beautiful. From base makeup to eye makeup and lipstick, this tutorial will cover all the steps necessary to make your mom ready for her special day.

Table of Content:

  1. List of Products Required for Mother's Day Makeup Look
  2. Step-by-step tutorial for Mother's Day Makeup 
    1. Step 1: Prep the skin 
    2. Step 2: Apply foundation and concealer
    3. Step 3: Set the base 
    4. Step 4: Add a flush of color to the cheeks 
    5. Step 5: Define the eyebrows 
    6. Step 6: Apply eyeshadow 
    7. Step 7: Sculpt and highlight
    8. Step 8: Finish with lipstick 
  3. Wrapping up 

List of Products Required for Mother's Day Makeup Look

Whether your mother is new to makeup or is an expert at adorning herself with makeup, make sure you include the products mentioned below in her Mother's Day makeup kit. All these products are highly suitable for Indian skin. Let’s take a first step to surprise her.

Step-by-step tutorial for Mother's Day Makeup 

Ready for a fun ride and giving your mom a mini-makeover? Hop on to get this Mother's Day Makeup Tutorial started!

Step 1: Prep the skin 

Prep the skin

Prepping the skin before applying makeup is essential in our Mother's Day Makeup Tutorial. It helps to create a smooth canvas for the makeup, which allows for easier application and a more even finish. It can help improve the makeup's longevity, as a well-prepped surface will allow the makeup to adhere better to the skin.

How to Prep the Skin? 

  • Start by prepping the skin with a moisturizer. Apply it all over your face.
  • Apply the moisturizer and wait a minute before applying primer to ensure the skin is well-hydrated.
  • Apply a primer on your face to create a smooth canvas for the makeup.
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Step 2: Apply foundation and concealer

Apply foundation and concealer

The foundation helps to even out the Indian skin tone and helps to cover blemishes, redness, and other imperfections, giving the skin a flawless appearance. Concealer covers specific areas of the face, such as dark circles under the eyes, blemishes, or any other areas of discoloration.

How to apply foundation and concealer?

  • Choose a foundation that matches your mother's skin tone and apply it to your face using a foundation brush or sponge. Blend it well to ensure even coverage.
  • Conceal dark circles, blemishes, and signs of aging
  • Use a concealer one shade lighter than the foundation on the face to conceal dark circles and blemishes. 
  • Apply it using a small brush and blend it well with your finger. We love DE'LANCI Beauty Carver Concealer Palette.

Step 3: Set the base 

Set the base

Setting the base using loose powder helps to lock in the foundation and concealer, preventing it from creasing, settling into fine lines, or wearing off throughout the day. Setting the base with powder can help to create a more natural-looking finish and is an essential step in our Mother's Day Makeup Tutorial.

How to set the base?

  • Choose a loose powder that matches your Indian skin tone. If you have oily skin, consider using a powder with a matte finish. We recommend DE'LANCI Matte Loose Powder.
  • Using a fluffy powder brush, gently swirl the brush into the powder, tapping off any excess.
  • Be sure to cover the areas where you applied foundation and concealer.
  •  Continue to apply the powder until you have covered your entire face.
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Step 4: Add a flush of color to the cheeks 

Add a flush of color to the cheeks

This Mother's Day Makeup Tutorial is incomplete without including a natural-looking flush to the cheeks. Choose a cream-based pigmented blush to get that innate soft glow on your mom's cheeks. A swipe of blush is essential to creating Mother's Day makeup looks. Moreover, you will be able to give your Indian mom a touch a cuteness. 

How to add a flush of color to the cheeks?

  • Get your mother to stand in front of the mirror and ask her to smile.
  • Take DE'LANCI Double-headed Blush Stick in the shade Shy and apply it on the apples of the cheeks.
  • You can use a blush brush or your fingers to apply the product.
  •  Blend it well to create a natural-looking flush of color.

Step 5: Define the eyebrows 

Define the eyebrows

Defining the eyebrows is the most overlooked step and needs more attention in our Mother's Day Makeup Tutorial. The eyebrows help to frame the face and create a focal point for the eyes. By defining and shaping the eyebrows, you can help to enhance your natural features and create a more polished and put-together look. 

How to define eyebrows?

  • Use an eyebrow pencil or powder to fill any gaps and define the eyebrows.
  • Make gentle strokes with the brush in the same direction as the eyebrow hair.
  •  Make sure to choose a shade that matches your mother's hair color.
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Step 6: Apply eyeshadow

Apply eyeshadow

We recommend a simple eyeshadow look for this Mother's Day Makeup Tutorial. A simple nude eye makeup look can give a youthful appearance by creating a fresh, natural, and understated look that highlights the eyes without overpowering them. Enhance the natural beauty of the eyes and create a more elegant appearance.

How to apply eyeshadow?

  •  Choose a neutral eye shadow palette such as DE'LANCI 9 Colors Leopard Nude Eyeshadow and apply shade Land over the lid. 
  • Then, use a darker shade, Coffee, to the crease to add depth and dimension and line the eyes. 
  • Apply eyeliner along the upper lash line and extend it slightly beyond the outer corner to create a winged effect. 
  • Use brown eyeliner or the shade Glimmer from the same palette for a softer look.

Step 7: Sculpt and highlight

Sculpt and highlight

Sculpting and highlighting are optional in our Mother's Day Makeup Tutorial. It can help balance out the facial features, create a more defined and chiseled look, and enhance the skin's natural beauty. When done correctly, these techniques can help to create a flawless and radiant complexion.

How to sculpt and highlight?

  • Use a cream contour to sculpt the face. Try DE'LANCI Double-ended Contouring Stick in the shade of Chocolate.
  • Apply the product in the hollows of the cheeks, along the jawline, and around the temples, blending it with a fluffy brush to create a natural-looking shadow.
  • Use a highlighter powder or cream to highlight the face's high points. We love the DE'LANCI Dual-ended Highlighter Stick.
  •  Apply the shade Cream with a small brush or fingertips, blending it for a natural look.
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Step 8: Finish with lipstick 

Finish with lipstick

Lips are the first place where signs of aging appear. Applying a bold lipstick color completes the overall look and gives a more youthful and elegant appearance. A swipe of lipstick will add ounces of confidence to your mother's face. It is our last and favorite step in this Mother's Day Makeup Tutorial.

How to finish with lipstick?

  • Choose a lipstick shade that complements your mother's skin tone.
  • We love DE'LANCI Aesthetics Matte Lipsticks. It comes in brilliant shades specially designed to suit Indian skin tones.
  • Take the coral shade from the set and apply it using a lip brush. 
  • Blot with a tissue and reapply for a long-lasting finish.

This Mother's Day Makeup Tutorial is designed to make your Indian mom look and feel beautiful on her special day. Don't forget to take a photo and create a lasting memory!

Wrapping up 

Look at that! We have arrived at our destination and completed the Mother's Day Makeup Tutorial. All our products are as pure as a mother's love. We cannot wait to see all your Mother's Day makeup looks this year. Share your looks on our Instagram and Youtube, and become a part of our makeup and beauty tribe. While at it, do not forget to get your hands on our star product DE'LANCI 54 Color La Catrina Eyeshadow palette.

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