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The Ultimate Blush Guide for Every Indian Skin Tone

the ultimate blush guide

Blush is one product that every Indian woman swears by. This guide will help you find the perfect blush for your Indian skin tone. Just like any other industry, the beauty industry has also become advanced. Whenever our grandmothers wanted naturally flushed cheeks, they would pitch their cheeks, and voila! Job done. Things are not so simple now. Makeup experts have discovered ways to apply blush for different face shapes. Product placement can take you from girl-next door to the supermodel-off-duty with a single swipe. Want to know more? Continue reading our ultimate blush guide. 

List of contents

  1. What is Blush?
  2. Different Types of Blush
    1. Powder Blush
    2. Liquid Blush
    3. Creamy Blush
  3. How to choose the right blush shade
    1. Fair Skin
    2. Medium skin
    3. Olive skin
    4. Dusky skin
  4. How to Get Blush to Last All Day Long
  5. Wrapping up 

What is Blush?

Hand drawn cosmetic product

Our Indian beauties often struggle with finding a blush that compliments your skin tone without washing it out. We are here to help you get that natural flush that looks extremely flattering and feminine. Blush was initially available only as powder, but as the beauty industry evolved, so did the formulation of blush. It is now available in different forms, including gel, cream, or liquids. The placement of this magical product can make a face appear wider or longer. Read this blog to become a blush connoisseur. 

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Different Types of Blush

different type of blush

According to the Blush Sticks Market Share report, blush is one of the most used makeup products and is expected to expand to more significant markets. It comes in different formulas to match perfectly for different skin types. This is a fantastic blush guide to finding the exquisitely made formula for your skin type. If you are wondering about Which type of blush is best, we have got the scoop:

1. Powder Blush

If you have oily acne-prone skin, you should stick to blush formulas that have a mattifying effect. Therefore, the classic powder-based formulas are best to keep the oiliness away from your face.

2. Liquid Blush

If you have dry or very dry skin, liquid formulas are a match made in heaven for you. The liquid formulation of the blush will stick to your skin for a more extended period. It will also give you that natural flush on the cheeks.

3. Creamy Blush

If you have normal to combination skin, creamy blushes will look heavenly on you. Opt for the ones that have superb staying power.

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How to choose the right blush shade?

how to choose right blush shade

There are billions of blush shades available in the market; how do you choose the one that suits your complexion and skin tone? This blush guide has got all the answers. The aim of applying blush is to achieve a healthy-looking flush without washing out your skin. You can get that by using the right blush for you. Have a look:

1. Fair Skin

If you have a light to fair skin tone, opt for subtle shades such as berry plum, soft peach, and baby pink.

2. Medium skin

If you have a wheatish to medium skin tone, opt for vibrant shades such as mauve, earthy peach, and rosy pinks.

3. Olive skin

If you are blessed with olive skin, opt for solid shades such as rose and colors with copper and bronze undertones.

4. Dusky skin

Our dusky skin beauties often have a hard time finding the perfect blush shade. We have got you covered. Opt for deep shades such as plum, crimson, and brick reds.

We have a brand that brings all the different shades under one roof. DE'LANCI Double-headed Blush Stick comes in five stunning shades that are specially formulated for Indian skin tones.

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How to Get Blush to Last All Day Long?


The last step in our Blush Guide is to figure out how to make the blush last all day. We get this query from a lot of makeup beginners. We are going to tackle the issue here, once and for all. There are ways you can increase the long-lasting power of blush. We have outlined the top ones below.

  • The first way to make your blush last longer is by making use of face primer. You do not need to splurge on a high-priced primer despite what the internet says. 
  • A drugstore primer will give you the same quality of primer as a high-end primer for a fraction of the price. All you have to do is take a pea-sized amount and apply it on your face like you would use a face moisturizer. 
  • The primer will ensure the blush stays on your face all day without any touch-ups. It will also keep preventing the blush from settling into the fine lines.
  • Investing in a pigmented blush like De'Lanci Double-headed Blush Stick is the second way. It is specially made for Indian skin tones and is super pigmented. 
  • If you want to increase the long-lasting powder even further, apply a cream blush, followed by a powder blush on top of it. The powder blush will trap the cream blush. 

Wrapping Up

This was our ultimate blush guide for our Indian beauties. We hope our extensive research bore a sweet fruit for our readers. We hope you found this blush guide helpful, do not forget to check out our Instagram and Youtube pages for your daily dose of beauty and makeup. Do get your hands on our DE'LANCI Double-Headed Blush Stick

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