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7+ Celeb-Inspired Rakhi Makeup Looks for Busy Sisters in 2023

rakhi makeup looks

Your favourite festival Rakshabandhan is just around the corner and along with planning for the day with your brother comes your makeup ideas! It’s up to you to decide where you want to celebrate it and the way that you wish to look. We spoke to our makeup expert and rounded up 7+ celeb-inspired Rakhi makeup looks for you. Go minimalistic, look bright and petite, or glam it up with smoky eyes; the choice is yours. Take your cue from the celebrity you adore and create your look for Rakshabandhan 2023. Keep reading and learn the steps to recreate them!!!

Table of content:

  1. List of Rakhi makeup looks for 2023
    1. Pretty Rakhabandha makeup look
    2. No-makeup looks for Rakshabandhan
    3. Winged eyeliner nude-face makeup look
    4. Touch of coral Rakshabandhan makeup look
    5. Highlighted eyes & pout look for Rakshabandhan 
    6. Touch of pink makeup look for Rakshabandhan
    7. Fresh natural-like Rakshabandhan makeup look
    8. Glowing beauty Rakshabandhan makeup look
  2. 5+ pro tips to wear long lasting Rakhi makeup look
  3. Wrapping up 

List of Rakhi makeup looks for 2023

Along with the list of the top 7+ Rakhi makeup looks, we have given you detailed steps on how to recreate each of them. What are you waiting for? Scroll down and know 7+ Rakhi Makeup Looks all in detail!!!

1. Alia Bhatt inspired pretty Rakshabandhan makeup look

Alia Bhatt inspired pretty Rakshabandha makeup look

We start our Rakshabandhan makeup look recommendation with the fabulous Alia Bhatt’s makeup style of smoky eyes, contoured cheeks, and lightly coated lips! A look that is just right to make you look gorgeous any time, it’s easy to recreate too!!!

How to recreate pretty Rakshabandhan makeup look like Alia Bhatt:

  • Start with the cleaning of your face; apply moisturizer, and transparent primer to get a bright and even skin.
  • Apply a light foundation layer that matches your skin tone and top it up with a touch of concealer to hide any spot or blemish.
  • Use the colours from De’Lanci Concealer Palette for concealing and lightly contouring the cheeks. 
  • Move on to apply a thick layer of black eyeliner or eyeshadow along both the upper and lower lash lines and smudge them out for a smoky look.
  • Remember to brush the brows and fill them in with a dark brown eyeshadow colour and apply mascara on the lashes.
  • Finally, touch up the lips using a pink-brown liquid lipstick to finish off the pretty face look; read up on How to Apply Liquid Lipstick without Cracks for best results!

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2. Deepika Padukone inspired no-makeup look for Rakshabandhan

Deepika Padukone

Wear this simple Rakhi makeup look like Deepika Padukone and win the hearts of everyone around this Rakshabandhan 2023! Deftly wear the makeup to show as though it is all-natural and you are born with it. This popular no-makeup look is sure to be a hit for the daytime festivities!!!

How to recreate Deepika Padukone-like no-makeup look for Rakshabandhan:

  • Give your face the best cleaning, a light moisturizing, and priming to prepare the perfect base for the nude look.
  • Top it up with a perfect skin-matching foundation and concealer mix to give it a flawless look.
  • Mattify the skin by applying a light dust of the translucent DE’LANCI Matte Loose Powder and blend it well into the skin. 
  • Time to give the eyes a light touch of black eyeliner just along the tips of the upper lash line to add dimension to it.
  • Define the brows, fill them in with brown eyeshadow colour, and coat the eyelashes with mascara.
  • Finish the total no-makeup look by lining the lips and filling them in with a skin tone matching nude-coloured lipstick.

3. Kriti Sanon inspired winged eyeliner nude-face makeup look

Kriti Sanon

Sport winged eyeliner on a nude face and bring alive Rakhi makeup looks like Kriti Sanon! Make up for the natural skin colour of your face with heavy traditional accessories, and pair it all up with your favourite outfit. Rakshabandhan celebrations have never been more colourful!!!

How to recreate winged eyeliner nude-face makeup look:

  • You will have to take care of the skin cleaning, moisturizing, and priming very well as the look highlights your natural skin tone.
  • Start applying a matte-based light foundation that will blend in with your natural skin tone to give it a bright natural look.
  • Use a black eyeliner and highlight the upper lash line and blend it with a small wing to bring the eyes into prominence on the face.
  • Carefully define and fill in the brows, and add depth to the eyes by applying mascara on the eyelashes.
  • Complete the look by applying a nude-coloured lipstick that matches your skin tone from DE’LANCI Matte Lipstick set.
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4. Janvi Kapoor inspired touch of coral Rakshabandhan makeup look

Janvi Kapoor inspired touch of coral Rakshabandhan makeup lookWear one of the brightest Rakhi makeup looks like Janvhi Kapoor and show off your lighter side as you celebrate the occasion with your family! With a light touch of coral giving off a monochromatic makeup look, you are sure to rock like a diva in your own right!!!

How to recreate the touch of coral Rakshabandhan makeup look like Janvhi Kappor:

  • Start cleaning your face meticulously, apply a light moisturizer, and prime it to even out the texture for a smooth look.
  • Apply foundation that will make your skin look bright and blend it well to give the skin an even tone, and conceal any spot or blemish.
  • Start the eye makeup by applying the coral-coloured Stage eyeshadow colour on the eyelids till the cut crease from the DE’LANCI 54 Color La Catrina Eyeshadow palette.
  • Brush your brows, fill them in with colour if necessary, and apply mascara on the eyelashes to add depth and dimension to the eye.
  • Use the same-coloured blush colour and lightly do up the cheeks with it to give it a fresh coral-coloured look.
  • Finally, fill in the lips with the same coral-coloured lipstick and gloss it up to complete the look. 

5. Kareena Kapoor inspired highlighted eyes & pout look for Rakshabandhan

Kareena Kapoor inspired highlighted eyes & pout look for Rakshabandhan

A top pick among the trending Rakhi makeup looks is Kareen Kapoor Khan’s highlighted eyes and pout with a nude face look! Once you know how the basics about Liquid Highlighter v/s Powder Highlighter you can recreate and wear this look for Rakshabandhan festivities and stand out as the doling sister!!!

How to recreate the highlighted eyes & pout with a nude face like Kareena Kapoor Khan:

  • Prepare the skin well as with the other looks; clean, moisturize, and prime it to bring out a smooth skin canvas.
  • Rub in a lightweight foundation mixed with concealer and rub into the skin of the face such that it looks bright covering all spots.
  • Take the Red Brown eyeshadow colour from DE’LANCI Desert Rose Eyeshadow Palette and shade the eyelids going just beyond the cut crease.
  • Use your black eyeliner to draw out a thick line above the upper lash lines, and smudge out some of the same colour along the lower lash lines.
  • Define the brows well, fill them in, and coat the eyelashes with mascara to complete the eye makeup.
  • Time to define the pout with a reddish matte lipstick that will bring them out into prominence and give you the right look.
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6. Kiara Advani inspired touch of pink makeup look for Rakshabandhan

Kiara Advani inspired touch of pink makeup look for Rakshabandhan

Define glamour with your Rakhi makeup looks in 2023 as you recreate the soft and subtle touch of pink look of the pretty Kiara Advani! A beautiful look that you can pair with any red or pink outfit, it’s surely among the most sought-after for Rakshabandhan!!!

How to recreate the touch of pink makeup look like Kiara Advani for Rakshabandhan:

  • Bring out your natural clean skin, apply water-based moisturizer, and top it with a light primer to smooth it out.
  • Apply a layer of skin-brightening foundation, add concealer to spots that need to be covered, and blend well into the skin.
  • Use a light brown eyeshadow colour to give the eyelids a light coating of the colour, and use it to smudge out the lower lash line as well.
  • Define the brows by brushing and filling them in, and apply mascara to the lashes to add depth to the eyes.
  • Time to start working on the pink look by giving the cheeks a blending of the light pink shade from DE’LANCI Double-headed Blush Stick collection.
  • Apply the same-coloured lipstick and add intensity to the colour by reapplying a second coat of it.

7. Tammanha Bhatia inspired fresh natural-like Rakshabandhan makeup look

Tammanha Bhatia inspired fresh natural-like Rakshabandhan makeup look

Put up your best side with this fresh and natural-like makeup look imitating Tammanaha Bhatia for your Rakhi makeup looks this 2023! You are sure to impress your brother, friends, and family as you stand out with your ravishing natural-like beauty for the festivities!!!

How to recreate the fresh natural-like Rakshabandhan makeup look like Tammanaha Bhatia:

  • Bring out the clean and fresh natural skin with a deep cleansing; give it a light moisturizing, and then prime it for an even texture.
  • Apply a mixture of a brightening foundation with a concealer to give the face a naturally illuminated look.
  • Contour the cheeks using a shade appropriate for your skin tone from DE’LANCI Double-ended Contouring Stick and blend to give a natural look.
  • For the eyes, use a black eyeliner and line along both upper and lower lash lines and draw out a small wing to connect them.
  • Move on to colour the lips with a nude-pink matte lipstick that matches your skin tone and brings out a fresh natural-like look
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8. Sarah Ali Khan inspired glowing beauty Rakshabandhan makeup look

Sarah Ali Khan inspired glowing beauty Rakshabandhan makeup look

Shine and glow out loud with your Rakhi makeup looks for Rakshabandhan as you recreate the glowing beauty on yourself like Sarah Ali Khan! Give yourself the touch of royalty like her as you celebrate Rakshabandhan 2023. Everyone is going to adore this look in the evening!!!

How to recreate the glowing beauty Rakshabandhan makeup look like Sarah Ali Khan:

  • Clean your skin well, apply a light moisturizer, even it with a transparent primer as the skin preparation part.
  • Apply a brightening foundation that matches your skin tone, and conceals any flaw or blemish bringing out a flawless look.
  • For the eyes, use black eyeliner or eyeshadow colour and shade the eyelids giving them a lightly smoky look, define the brows, and coat the lashes with mascara.
  • Use a light brownish pink blush on the cheeks and top it up with the illuminating look of DE’LANCI Dual-ended Highlighter Stick complementing your skin tone.  
  • Move on to illuminate all the high points on the face like the bridge of the nose, the forehead, and brow bones with the highlighter colour.
  • Complete the look with a pinkish-red matte lipstick that will set the contrast with the shine on the face.

5+ Pro Tips to Wear Long-Lasting Rakhi Makeup Look

  1. Take care to hydrate the skin well ahead of recreating your favourite Rakhi makeup look; it will go a long way in bringing out the best version of the colours on your skin!
  2. When applying your makeup like primer, foundation, or concealer, wait for some time in between the layers for the skin to absorb the product well and give its right output.
  3. Remember, that Rakshbandhan happened during the rainy season, so try and avoid heavy makeup looks that are likely to look unnatural!
  4. Waterproof any type of makeup you wear during the Rakshabandhan celebrations. Be prepared for the element of surprise in case your brother has some outdoor plans of Sibling Bonding Activities for his beautiful sister!
  5. Make sure to finish your Rakshabandhan look with a setting spray that will give your look a long-lasting staying power even if you are wet!
  6. Check all your makeup products for the expiry date; this is something that we all tend to ignore. But you will get the best makeup results only when you use them within their shelf lives!

Wrapping up 

Make the best of this celeb-inspired Rakhi makeup tutorial for this year’s celebration and see the difference your presence makes!  Make DE’LANCI Beauty Carver Concealer Palette your go-to makeup solution for the best natural-like or any other look for Raskhabandhan.  We’re eager to hear about your Rakhi celebrations and the exciting time you had. Do share about it and about your Rakhi makeup looks that you liked most and recreated in the comment section below!!!

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