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DE'LANCI Double Headed Highlighter Stick

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Bring the natural-like glow onto your skin with DE’LANCI Dual-ended Highlighter Stick! This amazing product comes in 4 wonderful shades of Elf, Cream, Champagne, and Bronze. These are meant to complement your skin tone and blend with it emitting that glow-from-within look. The stick form of the highlighter makes your application that much easier. What’s more, is that the stick comes with a built-in highlighter brush on the other end making this dual-ended stick simply incredible. Just dab the color on one end and blend with the brush on the other end, and you’re glowing almost naturally!!!

Net content: 7g
Volume: 2.8*2.8*9.1cm
Package Contains: 1 Highlighter Stick

Checkout All the Shades of Best Highlighter Stick in Video Below

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Benefits and Advantages of using DE’LANCI Dual-ended Highlighter Stick

  • Full range of highlighter colors: Available in the shades of nude powder, nude gold, cream, and bronzer, you get to pick just the one for your skin; you can also opt to mix and match for a customized shade.
  • Convenient cream-stick highlighters: You get to enjoy the benefits of the cream form of the best face highlighter stick in this super-convenient stick form with no mess.
  • Dual-ended stick with a brush: The dual-ended stick has a highlighter brush attached on the other end for easy application and blending without the extra baggage.
  • Natural-like subtle glow: The highlighter product just melts onto your skin for that natural, glow-from-within look; no more flashy highlighter trouble.
  • Skin caring formula: This best highlighter stick not just lets your skin glow and shine but also takes care of it with its Shea Butter enriched formula.

How to use the Best Face Highlighter Stick

Step 1: Identify the high points on your face like the cheekbones, temples, forehead, nose, neck, or any other part that needs to glow.

Step 2: Choose a color that is closest to your natural skin shine; if need be, mix 2 or more colors for the perfect hue;

Step 3: Gently dab and sweep the stick on these areas to cover them with a little product.

Step 4: Use the blending stick on the other end of the highlighter to blend the highlighter color for a natural-like glow on the skin.

Step 5: Use it after you’ve applied your blusher for the full makeup look or solo for a natural no-makeup glow on the skin.

Pro Tips to Use the Best Highlighter Stick

  1. Opt for the cream-based stick highlighter for a subtle and natural glow in place of powder highlighters that give more shine for dramatic effect.
  2. Use the highlighter on your skin for your everyday look when you want to give it only a natural dewy look.
  3. For brown skin and medium to wheatish skin tones, use bronze, champagne, or golden highlighter colors.
  4. Your best highlighter stick should be a couple of shades lighter than your natural skin tone.
  5. Use a little highlighter under the eyes to help brighten the skin and diminish the sunken looks.

When can you use DE’LANCI Multifunctional Dual-ended Highlighter Stick

You can continue to use the best highlighter stick at all times; check it out!

  • Formal events.
  • Informal occasions.
  • Party makeup.
  • Festival and holiday looks.
  • Wedding looks.
  • Late-night events.
  • Every day looks.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the purpose of using a highlighter?

Highlighter helps give your skin a soft dewy shine that looks like naturally glowing skin.

2. Is the work of a highlighter the same as that of a concealer?

No, concealer is used to hide dark spots, blemishes, or scars; highlighter is used to give the skin a glowing finish.

3. Why is a cream highlighter better than a powder highlighter?

Cream highlighter blends into the skin much better giving a subtle glow to it; powder highlighters contain tiny particles that do not blend and give the skin a dramatic shine.

4. Can I use a highlighter every day?

Yes. Apply a hint of De’Lanci Dual-ended Highlighter Stick onto the high points of your face and blend for a no-makeup-glowing skin look.

DE'LANCI Double Headed Highlighter Stick



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