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A Step-by-Step Guide: How to Apply Liquid Eyeshadow on Indian Skin

how to apply liquid eyeshadow on indian skin

Liquid eyeshadow is a popular choice for Indian skin as it is easy-to-apply, long-lasting and creates various looks. It is easy to apply and gives a highly pigmented durable look. It is versatile and can create multiple looks, from a subtle wash of color to a bold, dramatic look. One of the main reasons why you should learn how to apply liquid eyeshadow is that it is less likely to crease or smudge than powder eyeshadow since the liquid formula dries quickly and adheres to the skin more effectively.

Table of contents

  1. What is Liquid Eyeshadow?
  2. Step by Step Process on How to Apply Liquid Eyeshadow like Pro
    1. Step 1 - Start with clean, dry eyelids
    2. Step 2 - Apply an eyeshadow primer
    3. Step 3 - Apply the liquid eyeshadow
    4. Step 4 - Blend the edges
    5. Step 5 - Set with powder eyeshadow
  3. 6+ Pro Tips to Wear Liquid Eyeshadow
    1. Layer different shades
    2. Mix with glitter
    3. Use as eyeliner
    4. Apply with your fingers
    5. Double as highlighter
    6. Set with powder
    7. Apply with a light hand
  4. Wrapping up

What is Liquid Eyeshadow?

Liquid eyeshadow is a type of eyeshadow that comes in a liquid or cream form, as opposed to the more traditional powder form. It typically comes in a tube or a wand with an applicator brush and is applied directly to the eyelids. There are many different types of liquid eyeshadows available, from shimmery and metallic to matte and glittery. It can be used as a base for powder eyeshadows, helping to intensify the color and make them last longer.

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Step by Step Process on How to Apply Liquid Eyeshadow like Pro

Liquid eyeshadow is a fun and versatile product to add to your makeup routine. But, for a beginner it can be messy product so first let’s learn the basics of eye makeup. For that we have a complete guide to eye makeup for beginners. Now, you have an idea about eye makeup. It’s time to understand how to apply liquid eyeshadow beautifully. So, let’s jump on to a step-by-step process to help you apply it:

Step 1-Start with clean, dry eyelids

Start with clean, dry eyelids

The first step in how to apply liquid eyeshadow is to get the basics right. Make sure your eyelids are clean and dry before applying liquid eyeshadow. This will help the product adhere better and last longer.

How to make sure the eyelids are ready?

  • Apply a thin layer of moisturizer all over your face, including your eyelids.
  • Let the moisturizer sit for a few minutes.
  • If you feel the eyelids are sticky with excess moisturizer, take a cotton pad and gently remove the excess moisturizer.

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Step 2-Apply an eyeshadow primer

Apply an eyeshadow primer

Use an eyeshadow primer to create a smooth, even base for your liquid eyeshadow. This will also prevent the creasing of the eyeshadow for a sharp and clean look. Let's look at the process.

How to apply eyeshadow primer?

  • Apply a small amount of primer to your eyelids. You can use any primer you like.
  • Blend it in with your finger using a feather touch.
  • You can also use an eyeshadow brush to blend the primer.
  • In case you run out of eyeshadow primer, feel free to use a concealer palette.

Step 3-Apply the liquid eyeshadow

DE'LANCI 6 Color La Catrina Liquid Eyeshadow Set

In our guide on how to apply liquid eyeshadow, this is the most crucial step. Our makeup experts have broken the technique into simpler forms so anyone can do it without any mistakes.

How to apply liquid eyeshadow?

  1. Most liquid eyeshadows need to be shaken well before use. Shake the bottle to ensure the product is well-mixed and ready to apply.
  2. Use the wand applicator that comes with the product to apply the liquid eyeshadow to your eyelid.
  3. Start at the inner corner of your eye and work your way outward.
  4. Use gentle, sweeping motions to blend the product into your eyelid.
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Step 4-Blend the edges

Blend the edges

Once you have applied the eyeshadow, your work is not entirely done. You need to make sure it looks seamless and nicely done. That is why blending the edges of the eyeshadow on your path is crucial to learn how to apply liquid eyeshadow.

How to blend the edges?

  • Use a clean brush to blend the edges of the liquid eyeshadow.
  • You can also use your trusty fingers to blend the edges for a seamless finish.
  • If you want to intensify the color, you can apply a second layer of liquid eyeshadow after the first layer has dried
  • Make sure to blend the edges well to avoid any harsh lines.

Step 5-Set with powder eyeshadow

Set with powder eyeshadow

We are almost done with our guide on how to apply liquid eyeshadow. To make the liquid eyeshadow last longer and prevent it from creasing or smudging, you can set it with a powder eyeshadow in a similar shade.

How to set it with powder eyeshadow?

  • Once the liquid eyeshadow has dried completely, you can now set it with a powder eyeshadow.
  • Take an eyeshadow of the same color or the closest to the liquid eyeshadow to add an additional layer.
  • Use a small brush to apply the powder eyeshadow on top of the liquid eyeshadow.
  • Let it sit for a while before applying mascara or eyeliner

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6+ Pro Tips to Wear Liquid Eyeshadow

Pro tips to wear liquid eyeshadow

Liquid eyeshadow can be tricky to incorporate into your makeup routine. Here are seven expert tips that will improve your learning of how to apply liquid eyeshadow:

1. Layer different shades

Market prediction states that Liquid eyeshadow market is booming which is why now we have other eyeshadows that can be layered to create unique, smooth & eye-catching looks. Try layering a lighter shade over a darker one for a shimmery, multi-dimensional effect.

2. Mix with glitter

We have the answer to the burning question of how to apply liquid glitter eyeshadow. Add a touch of sparkle to your liquid eyeshadow by mixing it with a loose glitter powder. Use a small brush to apply the mixture to your eyelids for a dazzling effect.

3. Use as eyeliner

Liquid eyeshadow can also be used as a liner to create a bold, dramatic look. Use a thin brush to apply the product along your lash line.

4. Apply with your fingers

For a more subtle, natural look, try applying your liquid eyeshadow with your fingers. The warmth of your fingers will help the product blend seamlessly into your skin.

5. Double as a highlighter

Some liquid eyeshadows can also be used as highlighters. Apply a small amount to the high points of your face, such as your cheekbones, brow bones, and cupid's bow, for a dewy, radiant glow.

6. Let the product dry

Liquid eyeshadow needs time to dry before you move on to the next step. Avoid blinking or touching your eyelids while the product dries to ensure it sets properly.

7. Apply with a light hand

Liquid eyeshadow can be highly pigmented, so start with a small amount and build up the color gradually. Use a small amount of product at a time and blend it out evenly across your eyelid.

Wrapping up

This brings us to the end of our guide on how to apply liquid eyeshadow. Now you are an expert at applying liquid eyeshadow. For an easy-peasy eyeshadow application, we recommend our DE'LANCI La Catrina Liquid Eyeshadow Set. Share which eyeshadow-applying tip was an eye-opening one for you in the comment section. 

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