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7+ Vibrant Holi Makeup Looks to Brighten Up Your Festivities

vibrant holi makeup looks

Holi ho ya koi aur festival, look toh amazing hona chahiye 🙂 Knowing that whatever glam look you create on Holi, the colors will get over them. But what about the selfies, small gatherings or a Holi party? You need to put on your elegant Holi makeup look. To not make your makeup take a backseat in the excitement, we've compiled a list of Holi special makeup looks. Some will make your eyes play the game, or some will enhance your overall facial looks. Also, we have kept in mind all the Indian skin tones. So, let's start the makeup game. 

Table of Contents:

  1. 7+ Vibrant Holi Makeup Looks in 2023
    1. Gulabo Eyes
    2. Blue Dolphin on Eyes
    3. Gulal Lips
    4. Orange Fest
    5. Colorful Pop Eyes
    6. Pretty Nude Look
    7. Bit of Purple Hues
  2. 7 Holi Makeup Tips for Rang Barse Moments
    1. Avoid Harmful Rays on Holi 
    2. Pink to Look Like a Doll 
    3. Lock your Natural Moisture
    4. Closure of Pores is Necessary
    5. Double Cleansing for Perfect Finish
    6. Avoid Alcohol-based Products
    7. Plenty of Water for your Skin
  3. The Final Colors

7+ Vibrant Holi Makeup Looks in 2023

Holi makeup looks are created using De'Lanci's high-quality products to perfectly make your day extra colourful. We are pretty sure you will rock this season of colours with our shared makeup looks:

1. Gulabo Eyes

The Gulabo Eye Makeup Look is a perfect Holi Makeup Look, as we will touch on caring and compassion. The exuberant puffs of pink will put a cute face forward in front of your relatives. Get a touch of everlasting youth by trying this makeup look. 

pink eyes makeup look

How To Get The Gulabo Eyes Look?

The Gulabo Eyes will have pink hues on the upper eye area with a touch of green as an eyeliner. The lip shade will remain nude for a soft and subtle look. To complete this Holi Makeup look, we'll use 4 De'Lanci Products. 

  • Step 1 - Take Dream, Blessing and Symbol Shade from De'Lanci 54 Colors La Catrina Eyeshadow Palette and apply it on the upper eyelid as an eyeshadow.
  • Step 2 - Apply Golden Sparkle on the upper eyelid area. Now, apply Winner Eyeshadow from the same palette as an eyeliner. 
  • Step 3 - Pick Cream Beige from De'Lanci Highlighter stick and apply it as a highlighter to finish the look. 

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2. Blue Dolphin on Eyes

The Blue Dolphin Eyes can be tried as a Holi Makeup Look if you want a chic style look. Dolphins are water species, and Holi is also a festival of colours and water, so this makeup looks impressive for a small get-together. The best part of this makeup look is the creation of it using modern-chic colours.

DE’LANCI 9 Colors Dolphin Teal Eyeshadow Palette

How To Get the Blue Dolphin on Eyes Look?

The Blue Dolphin on Eyes requires perfect artistic skills. If you're a beginner, we advise you not to go for this makeup look. To complete this look we'll use only 1 De'Lanci Eyeshadow Palette. 

  • Step 1 -  Stick to the natural shape of your eyebrows, and use light, short strokes mimicking the natural hair growth. 
  • Step 2 -   Pick Ocean Eyeshadow from De'Lanci 9 Colors Dolphin Teal Eyeshadow Palette and draw a shape of a Dolphin on both of your eyes and fill the colors.
  • Step 3 -  Now, highlight the shape of a Dolphin with a black eyeliner pen. 
  • Step 4 -  Give an uplift with the white eyeshadow 

3. Gulal Lips

The Gulal Lips Holi Makeup Look is perfect for beginners. This look is about the lips and making your eyes look beautiful. You can try this makeup look if you are also going out to play Holi. Quick and simple to create is the best part about this makeup. Give a try to this one surely this Holi season.

gulal eyeshadow look

How to get Gulal Lips Look?

Anyone with any skin tone can try the Gulal Lips makeup look. We're sure you will love this look as this is simple to create and beautiful at the same time. The beauty of this look is you need our De'Lanci La Catrina Edition Products, which can be used multiple times. 

Ta daa….. We're done

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4. Orange Fest

The Orange Fest makeup look is light and doable Holi Makeup Look. If going out to play Holi, this makeup look can also be tried, as Holi Hues on the face will brighten up your overall look. Glamorous and simple together is the best thing about this makeup. 

Orange Fest makeup look

How do you get the Orange Fest Look? 

This makeup look is quite difficult at first. But, the perfect blending skill will solve the makeup game. When carrying out this makeup look, you will make your eyes look enchanting. You can try this look with our De'Lanci La Catrina Collection. 

Yuhuu!! The makeup look is finally complete.  

5. Colourful Pop Eyes

The Colorful Pop Eyes are the cut crease eyes. This makeup look dramatically defines your eyes, making each color pop aesthetically. You can also use our De'Lanci La Catrina Collection Products in this makeup look. All the products used in this makeup look can be used in the future too. 

Colourful Pop Eyes

How to get the Colorful Pop Eyes Look?

This makeup look is optional if you are going to play Holi. But this can be tried if you are going to rock the dance floor with your pals. You can find it hard to create, but trust is too simple. Use our all-time saver De'Lanci La Catrina Collection products.

  • Step 1 - Take Allegory and Memory shade from our De'Lanci 54 Colors La Catrina Eyeshadow Palette. Apply these two on the outer corners of the eyes. 
  • Step 2 - Add the Candy Shade from the same eyeshadow palette to the crease area.
  • Step 3 - Apply foundation and apply fireworks on the eyelid. 
  • Step 4 - Apply kajal on the waterline area and add Candy shade on the tear duct to uplift your eyes.

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6. Pretty Nude Look

The Pretty Nude Look is a perfect no-makeup look suitable for a party and playing Holi too. This look is usually carried on a daily basis. One can try this look with less makeup. You can use our eyeshadow palette and De'Lanci Multicolor Aesthetic Matte Lipstick in this makeup look. 

nude makeup look

How to get the Pretty Nude Look? 

This one is a natural makeup look making your skin look glowing. You can impress anyone with this Holi Makeup Look. But you need to use makeup products for sure. Before starting, you need to follow the basic makeup steps like applying Foundation, Primer, and Concealer.

  • Step 1 - Apply a light brown shade and little sparkles on your eyelids. 
  • Step 2 - Add Nude Rose Aesthetic Lipstick shade to amp up your looks. 

Don't forget to add some blusher to your cheeks.

7. Bit of Purple Hues

The Bit of Purple Hues makeup look gives you a bold look. A bit of smoke show vibes will make your eyes do wonders. You can get this look with our DE'LANCI La Catrina Liquid Glitter Eyeliner set 3pcs/set. Try this look and rock the Holi season like never before. 

Bit of Purple Hues

How to get the Bit of Purple Hues Look?

Get the fab on your brown eyes and bring the glamorous diva out. This is one of the Bengali Holi Makeup Looks. Many beauties wear this makeup look when going to a party. For this makeup look, you must get your hands on our De’Lanci La Catrina Liquid Glitter Eyeliner Set. 

How to Create the Indian Festive Makeup Look

7 Holi Makeup Tips for Rang Barse Moments!

Now, we are done with the 7 Holi Makeup Looks, and now let's jump on to the Holi Makeup Tips. All the tips will surely help you in keeping your makeup on point. 

  1. Avoid Harmful Rays on Holi - Before applying the makeup, apply hydrating cream on your face to protect it from harmful sun rays. 
  2. Pink to Look Like a Doll - Do add a bit of pink as a blusher by dabbing on the apples of the cheeks.
  3. Lock your Natural Moisture  - Add a lip balm to seal your natural lip's moisture before applying your favorite lipstick.
  4. Closure of Pores is Necessary - If you wear less makeup before stepping out, remember to rub the ice cubes to close the pores. 
  5. Double Cleansing for Perfect Finish - After playing the Holi, remember to miss your cleansing routine and try doing double cleansing. 
  6. Avoid Alcohol-based Products - Say no to alcohol-based toners, scrubs, and exfoliants as applying an artificial fragrance can do more harm to your skin. 
  7. Plenty of Water for your Skin - In your post-holi skincare routine, make sure to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated for your skin.

The Final Colors!

Don't limit yourself to the Holi Makeup Looks, and feel free to try popular Indian makeup looks available in our blog section. Follow the tips shared in this blog and hop on to check out our wide collection of makeup products. If you are short on budget, grab our De'Lanci 54 Colors La Catrina Eyeshadow palette, as with this single makeup product; you can create almost every look mentioned in this blog. Follow us now on Instagram and stay tuned. 

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