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7+ Traditional Teej Makeup Looks to Rock the Festival in 2023

Teej Makeup Looks

Teej, celebrated in India, symbolizes a woman's profound love and devotion to her partner. It's not just about prayers for her husband's longevity but also a vibrant celebration of womanhood, showcased through colorful attire, stunning jewelry, and mesmerizing makeup. As 2023 brings another Teej season, tradition meets contemporary in makeup inspirations. Discover our guide, "7+ Traditional Teej Makeup Looks", merging age-old customs with modern beauty trends, ensuring you shine brilliantly for this special occasion. Read more to explore the vibrant mix of color, culture, and celebration.

Table of content

  1. Why are We Celebrating Teej Festival?
  2. List of Traditional Teej Makeup Looks
    1. Classic Kohl Eyes with Red Lips
    2. Earthy Tones
    3. Flawless Base with Dewy Finish
    4. Vivid Eyeshadows
    5. Shimmering Highlight
    6. Golden Goddess Look
    7. Monochromatic Peach Look
    8. Subtle Pink Glow Makeup Look
  3. 5+ Pro Tips to Wear Teej Makeup Look
  4. Wrapping up

Why are we Celebrating Teej Festival?

Teej Festival, celebrated primarily in India and Nepal, honors the unwavering devotion of a wife towards her husband, drawing inspiration from the love and sacrifice of Goddess Parvati for Lord Shiva, whom she married after lifetimes of dedication. Women mark the occasion by fasting and offering prayers for their husbands' well-being and longevity. Embracing the celebration of womanhood, they don vibrant outfits, intricate jewelry, and exquisite makeup, encapsulating the festival's essence of love, faith, and marital strength celebrated across various regions.

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List of Traditional Teej Makeup Looks

This list delves into some of the most iconic and cherished makeup styles that have graced the faces of women during Teej, making them look and feel nothing short of divine. Let's explore traditional teej makeup looks to celebrate the festival in 2023

1. Classic Kohl Eyes with Red Lips

The "Classic Kohl Eyes with Red Lips" is a timeless and iconic makeup look, especially for traditional occasions like Teej. This look is rich in its simplicity and captures the essence of Indian beauty traditions.

Classic Kohl Eyes with Red Lips

How to Wear a Classic Kohl Eyes with Red Lips Makeup look?

  • Start with cleaning your face; Cleanse, moisturize and apply a makeup primer for a smooth base.
  • Apply a lightweight foundation mixed with concealer to brighten your skin. Apply it evenly to cover any imperfections.
  • Take a Red and Brown eyeshadow color from De’lanci La Catrina Eyeshadow Palette. Apply this shade to your eyelids, extending just beyond the cut crease for a sultry effect.
  • Now move on to your black eyeliner and create a thick line above your upper lash line. For added allure, smudge some of the same black liners along your lower lash line.
  • Do not forget to coat your eyelashes generously with mascara to enhance their volume and length. This step will complete your captivating eye makeup.
  • Now, focus on your lips. Choose a reddish matte lipstick that stands out. Apply the matte lipstick, bringing them into prominence and perfectly complementing your eye makeup. Learn how to apply lipstick without cracks to the lips.

2. Earthy Tones

"Earthy Tones" in makeup refers to shades that are inspired by natural elements such as soil, clay, forests, and minerals. Ad Teej celebrates, shades of greens and browns are used to give a harmonious natural look.

Earthy Tones

How to Wear an Earthy Tones Makeup look?

  • Maintaining a consistent facial care regimen, especially around the eyes is crucial. Start with a thorough cleanse, nourish with a moisturizer, and finish with a layer of primer.
  • Apply a foundation that matches your skin tone. Blend it evenly for a flawless complexion, covering any blemishes or uneven areas.
  • Choose an earthy eyeshadow palette. Sweep a warm tan shade across your eyelids as a base.
  • Use a deeper brown eyeshadow to define your crease. Blend it well for a seamless transition between colors.
  • Opt for a soft brown eyeliner to enhance your eyes. Apply it close to your upper lash line for a subtle definition.
  • Groom your brows and fill them in with a brow product that matches your hair color. Aim for a natural, well-defined appearance.
  • Choose a warm, earthy-toned blush. Apply it to all of your cheeks to add a healthy flush.
  • Opt for a nude or warm brown lipstick shade from De’lanci Matte Lipstick Palette that compliments the earthy theme. Apply it to your lips for a subtle and cohesive look.
  • Finishing Touch, set your makeup with a setting spray to ensure longevity and a fresh finish throughout the day.

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3. Flawless Base with Dewy Finish

A flawless base with a dewy finish is a makeup technique that involves creating a smooth and even complexion while emphasizing a natural, radiant glow.

Flawless Base with Dewy Finish

How to Wear a Flawless Base with a Dewy Finish Makeup look?

  • Thoroughly cleanse the area surrounding the eyes, nourish it with a suitable moisturizer, and prep it with a primer for an even base.
  • Use a medium-coverage foundation that matches your skin tone. Apply it evenly to your face, blending well along your jawline and hairline.
  • Use a creamy concealer to cover any blemishes, redness, or dark circles. Pat it gently onto the areas you want to conceal and blend the edges seamlessly.
  • Opt for a cream highlighter to add a natural glow. Apply it to the high points of your face, such as the tops of your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, and your cupid's bow.
  • For your eyes, choose a shimmery, luminous eyeshadow shade. Apply it to your eyelids to tie in with the dewy theme.
  • Apply a coat or two of mascara to your lashes to open up your eyes and complete the eye makeup.
  • Opt for a glossy or satin finish lipstick in a color that complements your overall look. The subtle shine will contribute to the dewy effect.

4. Vivid Eyeshadows

Eyeshadows play a significant role in makeup artistry, allowing one to express creativity, enhance natural eye shape, or simply add a pop of color to complement the attire. Especially for festive occasions like Teej, vivid eyeshadows can be the difference between a good makeup look and a great one.

Vivid Eyeshadows

How to Wear a Vivid Eyeshadows Makeup look?

  • Start off by treating your skin, cleansing, and moisturizing, then apply a makeup primer to create a flawless base for your vibrant eyeshadows.
  • Choose your vibrant eyeshadow colors. Opt for bold shades like electric blues, fiery oranges, or vibrant greens for an eye-catching look.
  • Apply a deeper shade to the outer corner of your eyelid. Blend it gently into the crease color for a seamless transition.
  • Extend the vivid eyeshadow colors to your lower lash line. You can apply a single color or mix shades for a gradient effect.
  • Now opt for a subtle eyeliner or skip it altogether to let your vibrant eyeshadows take center stage.
  • Finish with a coat of mascara to define your lashes and complete the eye makeup.
  • Keep the rest of your face makeup more subdued. Use a light foundation, a touch of blush, and a neutral lip color to balance the bold eyes.
  • Wear your vibrant eyeshadow look with confidence.

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5. Shimmering Highlight

A shimmering highlight is a makeup product designed to reflect light and give the skin a radiant, glowing appearance. It often contains light-reflecting particles like mica to achieve this effect.

Shimmering Highlight

How to Wear a Shimmering Highlight Makeup look?

  • First, cleanse your skin thoroughly. Follow up with a gentle moisturizer and smooth out with a clear primer for an impeccable skin base.
  • Even out your skin tone by applying your preferred foundation. Conceal any blemishes or dark circles for a flawless complexion.
  • Choose a shimmering highlighter that complements your skin tone. Apply it to the high points of your face: the tops of your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, the cupid's bow, and the inner corners of your eyes.
  • Apply a neutral eyeshadow shade over your eyelids as a base for your eye makeup. Now select a shimmery eyeshadow color that aligns with your look. Apply it to your eyelids, focusing on the center to create dimension and catch the light.
  • Apply a thin line of eyeliner along your upper lash line to define your eyes. Then, coat your lashes with mascara to make them pop.
  • Apply a soft blush shade as per Indian skin tone, to the apples of your cheeks for a healthy flush of color.
  • Choose a lip color that complements the shimmering highlight. Apply lipstick or lip gloss to complete your look.
  • Lock in your makeup with a setting spray to ensure it stays in place and maintains its luminous finish.

6. Golden Goddess Look

The "Golden Goddess Look" embodies the luminescence and splendor of the sun, translating its radiant glow into makeup. This look draws inspiration from the ethereal beauty of mythological deities, combining shimmering gold tones with warm, sun-kissed shades.

Golden Goddess Look

How to Wear a Golden Goddess Look Makeup look?

  • Highlight your innate fresh complexion with a water-based moisturizer, finishing with a light primer for an even finish.
  • Choose a shimmering gold eyeshadow from your favorite palette. Apply it generously over your eyelids, extending it slightly beyond the crease for that mesmerizing goddess effect.
  • Apply a warm golden-hued blush to the high points of your cheeks to boost that divine glow.
  • Apply a luminous highlighter on the high points of your face – the cheekbones, bridge of the nose, and cupid's bow – for an ethereal glow.
  • Gently use a double-headed contour stick, gently contour the hollows of your cheeks, temples, and jawline with a bronzer to add depth and dimension.
  • Opt for a neutral or nude lip color that complements the golden tones of your eyes and skin.
  • Now coat your lashes with mascara to add definition and allure to your eyes.
  • Complete the look with a fine mist of setting spray to lock in your radiant goddess glow.

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7. Monochromatic Peach Look

The Monochromatic Peach Look is a harmonious and subtle makeup trend that captures the softness and warmth of peach tones. Drawing inspiration from the sweet and mellow hues of a ripe peach, this style embraces a unified color palette for the eyes, lips, and cheeks.

Monochromatic Peach Look

How to Wear a Monochromatic Peach Makeup look?

  • Enhance your skin's organic freshness by applying a water-based moisturizer, and cap it off with a silky primer to create a smoother facade.
  • Opt for a peachy blush with a touch of shimmer. Apply it to the apples of your cheeks for a healthy, radiant glow.
  • Select a peachy eyeshadow from your palette. Sweep it across your eyelids, blending slightly above the crease for a soft and harmonious look.
  • Use a brown eyeliner to define your upper lash line. Keep it close to the lashes for a natural appearance.
  • Enhance your lashes with a coat of mascara to open up your eyes and emphasize their beauty.
  • Choose a peachy nude lipstick or lip gloss. Apply it to your lips, embracing the monochromatic theme of the look.
  • To bring the whole look together, lightly dust a peachy-toned highlighter on the high points of your face – the cheekbones, brow bones, and down the bridge of your nose

8. Subtle Pink Glow Makeup Look

In the vast spectrum of makeup artistry, the Subtle Pink Glow stands out as a testament to understated elegance. It's a look that draws inspiration from the natural blush of a rose, the gentle gleam of morning light, and the delicate hues that paint the skies at dawn.

Subtle Pink Glow Makeup Look

How to Wear a Subtle Pink Glow Makeup Look?

  • Begin your beauty journey by nurturing the skin beneath. Wash away impurities, moisturizer for a supple touch, and set the stage with a perfecting primer.
  • Apply a radiant foundation that matches your skin tone. Blend it in seamlessly, allowing your natural skin to shine through.
  • Embrace a soft and delicate vibe by selecting a gentle pink eyeshadow shade. Sweep it across your eyelids, embracing a hint of color that's both charming and understated.
  • Choose a subtle approach to eyeliner. Draw a thin line along your upper lash line for definition without overpowering your eyes.
  • Work on your brows to enhance their natural beauty. Use a brow product to define and shape them, ensuring they frame your face gracefully.
  • Create a luminous glow on your cheeks with a soft pink blush stick. Apply it on the apples of your cheeks to achieve a vibrant and young look.
  • Opt for a lip color that complements the soft pink theme. A gentle rosy shade will add a touch of elegance to your look without stealing the spotlight.

5+ Pro Tips to wear Teej Makeup look in 2023

Pro tips for teej makeup look

1. Monsoon-Proof It

Teej often falls during the monsoon season. To prevent your makeup from smudging or fading due to humidity or unexpected showers, use waterproof makeup products like waterproof mascara, eyeliner, and setting sprays.

2. Incorporate Traditional Symbols

Add small symbols associated with Teej on your face using makeup. For example, using a stencil and a bit of gold or red eyeshadow, you could add a tiny crescent moon or a star near the outer corner of your eyes or temples. This adds a unique touch to the festive look.

3. Layered Lip Technique

To make your lipstick last longer during the festivities, apply a thin layer of lipstick, blot it with a tissue, apply some translucent powder, and then apply another layer of lipstick. This layering technique ensures the color stays put longer.

4. Use Traditional Bindis Creatively

Instead of sticking to the conventional single bindi on the forehead, play with different sizes and designs, creating patterns above the eyebrows or at the corners of the eyes. This will add a festive flair to your look. Also you can check out different types of bindis.

5. Highlight The Hands Too

Since Teej also involves applying henna or mehndi, accentuate your hands with some shimmer. Use a subtle gold or bronze shimmer lotion or a light dusting of loose shimmer powder on your hands and arms. This makes your mehndi stand out and complements the entire festive vibe.

6. Play with Colored Eyeliners

While black is a classic choice, Teej is the perfect occasion to experiment with eyeliners in shades of green, blue, or even gold. These can complement your outfit and add a pop of color to your eyes.

Wrapping up

As Teej celebrates the beauty of monsoon, love, and reunion, it's only fitting that your makeup should reflect the same zeal & passion. From rich greens to shimmering gold, Teej makeup looks have always been a testament to timeless elegance. Incorporating De’Lanci Matte Lipstick Palette into your festive makeup routine will not only enhance these classic looks but also ensure you shine with a modern flair. This Teej, let's embrace the blend of age-old traditions & contemporary style, making every moment even more memorable. So, what's your favorite Teej Makeup Look? We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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