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A Complete Guide to Eye Makeup For Beginners

guide to eye makeup for beginners

Hello girl! How are you doing? Looking for a guide on eye makeup for beginners? Don’t worry you are at the right place. Eye makeup is something that enhances the overall look of your face. Whether you are attending a wedding event, spinster party, or a get-together every occasion needs a different type of eye makeup look. 

Once you are aware of how to do simple eye makeup for daily use, you will be able to create any look with practice. So, today here at De’Lanci we are going to help you learn how to apply eye makeup professionally.

Table of Content:

  1. What is Eye Makeup?
  2. Types of Eye Makeup
    1. Natural eye makeup look
    2. Shimmery eye makeup look
    3. Gradient eye makeup look
    4. Cut crease look
    5. Heavy eyeliner makeup look
    6. Smokey eye makeup look
    7. Cat eyes
  3. Easy Steps for Eye Makeup for Beginners
    1. Step 1: Apply primer
    2. Step 2: Apply concealer
    3. Step 3: Choose the basic shades
    4. Step 4: Select the correct makeup brushes
    5. Step 5: Apply eyeshadow shades
    6. Step 6: Apply eyeshadow to the bottom lash line
    7. Step 7: Glide eyeliner, kajal, and add volume to your lashes
  4. Tips for Eye Makeup for Beginners
  5. A Final Statement on Eye Makeup for Beginners

What is Eye Makeup?

Eye makeup is a part of makeup application that focuses on making your eyes attractive and mesmerizing. Perfect eye makeup changes your entire look, from an average girl to a pretty diva of the moment. 

The cosmetic products needed to do eye makeup are eyeshadow, eyeliner, kajal, and mascara. Next up in the line is types of eye makeup.

Types of Eye Makeup

Here, we will be mentioning the common types of eye makeup that are in the industry for the past few decades and have done pretty well. You might have seen celebrities, your friends, cousins, or people around you going for that! Let’s see which are they!

1. Natural eye makeup look

For a natural eye makeup look, you have to apply kajal and eyeliner. If you want to ace it up a bit, do the nude eyeshadow.

2. Shimmery eye makeup look

The shimmery eye makeup look is ideal for attending marriage functions or parties. The focus point will be your eyes when you go with the shimmery eye makeup look.

3. Gradient eye makeup look

This eye makeup look involves two shades. It starts with the lightest shades of the first color at the inner corner and the actual shade in the mid-eyelid part. The end corner of the eye will have the darkest shade of the 2nd color.

4. Cut crease look

For this makeup look, you have to create a crease on the upper eye side and add eyeshadow on the lower part. Both the shades will be different or one will be matte and the other will be shimmer or glitter eyeshadow palette.

5. Heavy eyeliner makeup look

This is as simple as the 1st point in this list. To create this type of makeup look you have to apply thick and fuller eyeliner with light eyeshadow application.

6. Smokey eye makeup look

The most in-trend eye makeup look is a smokey eye. It is a bit hard to achieve but not impossible. The essential thing is to know the proper blending method. When you are going with a smokey eye look, the rest of the makeup should be minimal.

7. Cat eyes

Another eye makeup trend is cat eyes. If you are someone inspired with a 90s look, go for cat eyes. Apply a thick eyeliner at the end of the eye and make yourself look chic amongst others.

Now, you know everything about eye makeup for beginners. This is the right time to look at the natural eye makeup tutorial for beginners. But before that, here are the essential things that you will need to do the eye makeup step by step:

  1. A Primer
  2. A Concealer
  3. An Eyeshadow Palette
  4. Eyeliner
  5. Kajal
  6. Mascara

Easy steps for eye makeup for beginners

Step 1: Apply primer

The very first step is to apply primer. The primer will create a smooth and safe base on your eyelids. No matter what, kabhi bhi primer lagana mat bhulana, samje?

Step 2: Apply concealer

You need to apply concealer to create a base for eyeshadow shades to stay in the place for a longer time. Another purpose is to give it a proper base color.

Step 3: Choose the basic shades

As we are learning natural eye makeup look beginners today, we will go with selecting the basic shades from the 72 Color eyeshadow palette. Pick a lighter shade, a darker shade, and a mid-tone shade.

Step 4: Select the correct makeup brushes

You need to pick the correct makeup brushes set to apply the eye makeup properly. The flat eye makeup brush is for application and small & medium-sized blending brushes to blend the shades properly.

Step 5: Apply eyeshadow shades

Pick the lighter eyeshadow shade and apply it in the inner corner [near tear duct] and on the brow bone. Then, use a mid-tone shade and apply it to the middle part of the eyelid. After that apply a darker shade on the outer corner and to the crease. The last step is to blend them all really nicely and smoothly. The blending technique should be in a circular motion and not tapping.

Step 6: Apply eyeshadow to the bottom lash line

Mix the darker and mid-tone shade, then use a small blending brush to apply it at the bottom lash line. It will enhance the entire eye makeup look.

Step 7: Glide eyeliner, kajal, and add volume to your lashes

The final touch-up for the natural eye makeup look is to apply eyeliner, kajal, and mascara. If you want you can skip the kajal or go for the white kohl pencil as well. For eyeliner, go with the thin line as of now and there should be two coats of mascara for the perfect volume.

9 Tips for eye makeup for beginners

As it is your first time applying eye makeup professionally, you should take a look at these tips. The tips mentioned below will help you in getting the perfect eye makeup look.

  1. Prime your eyes first.
  2. For a defined arch, highlight the eyebrow.
  3. Make sure you have the right eye makeup brushes.
  4. Start with a basic eyeshadow palette.
  5. Make use of the damp brush trick to get more pigmentation.
  6. Make sure the highlighter is applied to the inner corner of the eyes.
  7. While applying eyeliner, tilt your face up and look down, for the perfect symmetric eyeliner.
  8. Apply the mascara from the roots and wiggle it outwards till the end.
  9. Always have well-groomed eyebrows and you can define them with an eyebrow pencil.

A Final Statement on Eye Makeup for Beginners

Try any of these above-mentioned trends, once you get a hold of the eye makeup. This article was solely dedicated to eye makeup for beginners. But we thought of adding all the information a newbie will require to create an awesome eye makeup look. Also, checkout the article on basic makeup for beginners.

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