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9+ Navratri Makeup Looks You Can Try Out in 2022

Navratri makeup looks

It is time to go out this Navratri season with various Garba Makeup looks. Let's do a new look for each of the nine days of Navratri this year. Always remember the prerequisites to achieving these makeup looks and pay extra attention to your skin. Keep it healthy, fresh, and radiant by following the skincare regimen for your skin type. Here are 9+ Navratri makeup looks that will make you the talk of the town this festive season.

Table of Contents

  1. 9 Days & Numerous Navratri Makeup Looks To Try
    1. It's all about the glossy lips
    2. Glittery eyeshadows 
    3. Luminous and dewy base
    4. Statement Blush
    5. Bring the 90s back
    6. Neon Eyeliner
    7. Full Bushy Brows
    8. Bold lip
    9. Soft Glam
    10. Contrasting Eyeshadow
  2. Wrapping up

    9 Days & Numerous Navratri Makeup Looks To Try

    Navratri comes with excitement not just to worship the goddess but to try different looks. Different looks for different days are worth trying, no matter what. Just gear up to get your hands on your favourite makeup kit with this blog.

    1. It's all about the glossy lips

    The first look on our list of Navratri makeup looks is glossy lips. Glossy fuller looking lips never go out of style. This year, look simple with shiny and sparkling lips. This will keep your lips hydrated and make you look awe-inspiring. Use a little more gloss to balance the textures when using matte makeup.

    2. Glittery eye shadows

    Do not shy away from trying something that you have never tried before this year for Garba Makeup looks. For instance, if you have never experimented with glitter eyeshadow palette this year, go all out with glittery eyeshadow. Keep the rest of the makeup simple. Let eyeshadow be the star of the show. Rose gold and silver eyeshadows look amazing on all skin tones.

    3. Luminous and dewy base

    One of our personal favourite Navratri makeup looks glowy and dewy base. A simple and dewy base will be a popular makeup style this year. Use a dewy primer to get a luminous base going. This will make your skin more radiant and help your foundation stay in place. To level out your skin tone, use a very thin coat of foundation and concealer.

    4. Statement Blush

    Packing on Blush is one of the makeup trends this year. The right placement of Blush also makes a huge difference in the overall look. For instance, applying deep red Blush on the temples give the face a more contoured look, while applying a candy pink blush on the apples of the cheeks gives a fuller youthful look. Experiment with different shades of purples and pinks.

    5. Bring the 90s back

    The 90s were the golden makeup period (not so much for the eyebrows, though). Girls were obsessed with darker lip liners and lighter lipsticks. The trend is back again with more power. You can try going for a deep brown lip liner and filling the rest of the lips with a lighter nude brown shade. For your Navratri Makeup Look instead of purchasing different lipstick shades get 25 color matte lipstick palette. Celebrities have already started using lip contours darker than their lipstick when attending significant events this year.

    6. Neon eyeliner

    This is one of the ladies who like their makeup to be as bold as they are. One of our favourite Navratri makeup looks is neon eyeliner since it can complete a makeup look all by itself without needing eyeshadow mixing. For this  Navratri Eye makeup tutorial, a felt-tip liquid eyeliner can assist you in creating a crisp line without pulling on your eyelid. However, it could take a few tries to get it right.

    7. Full Bushy Brows

    All of us had gone through the dreadful phase when our brows looked like malnourished caterpillars. Thankfully those days are over for good. It is all about bushy fuller looking brows this year. Beyond statement eyes, this is the time of year to highlight your best features since this year's cosmetic trends are all about showcasing your individuality. Brows that are thick and fluffy are still a popular bold feature this year. This year, brow lamination is still popular. Use a coloured brow gel and begin with a lighter application to ease into emphasizing your best features, such as your brows, before adding more products.

    8. Bold Lip

    Trends come and die, but style stays forever. A bold statement lip is an evergreen trend. Invest in a Matte Lipstick set Nude Waterproof Lipstick 8 colors to achieve this look. Deep reds and browns are not just for dates and formal events. Incorporate a bold lip in an otherwise subtle makeup look to bring out sophistication. If you're unsure which shade would suit you the most, start by determining your skin's undertones, which will aid you in deciding whether to go for hot or cool-toned lip colour.

    9. Soft glam

    While it is fun to go all out with makeup, some girls like to keep it subtle and understated. For those girls, a soft glam look will suit the most among all the Navratri makeup looks. This is a more laid-back version of the sculpted cheekbone and higher look. It asks to include warmer earthy tones and pair them with neat hair. Achieve this look by using liquid Blush instead of powder ones, skipping the eyeliner, and using mascara. Finish the look by adding your favourite necklace and rings.

    10. Contrasting Eyeshadow

    The last makeup look we have for you is colourful eyeshadow. Keep the DE'LANCI 36 Color Double Pages Eyeshadow Palette for this look instead of a colourful one. For this Navratri Eye makeup tutorial, don't hesitate to colour-block your eyeshadow with your outfit. Apply purple eyeshadow to the colour block with your green saree. There are so many colours to choose from. Have fun experimenting with this unique but beautiful eye makeup look step-by-step.

    Wrapping up

    Take this as your guide to try Navratri makeup looks every nine days of the festival. Try out several lips, eye, and face makeup items from your Navratri Makeup kit before deciding on your ultimate look for Navratri and turn heads wherever you go. If unsure about achieving the perfect makeup look, roll your eyes at our basic makeup guide for beginners

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