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7+ Easy Makeup Hacks for a Last-Minute Friendship Day Gathering in 2023

easy makeup hacks for a last minute friendship day gathering

Friendship Day is around the corner, and this season is to celebrate unforgettable bonds. Whether you go out for lunch or to party hard you want to put your best face forward. Makeup is something that can enhance your features on the go. And gone are the days when you need a complete makeup vanity available with you. With our easy makeup hacks look the best in the shortest time possible. All the makeup hacks are given keeping in mind the availability of the things. So, get ready to try these hacks this 2023 & rock Friendship Day.

Table of Contents:

  1. 7+ Easy Makeup Hacks for Last-Minute Friendship Day Gathering
    1. Barbie Like Eyelashes
    2. Use Lipstick as an Eyeshadow
    3. Pimple Free Flawless Face
    4. Eyeliner for Bold Elegance
    5. Complimenting Unique Lipstick Shades
    6. Color Corrector as a Lipstick
    7. Perfect Eyebrows using Tweezers
    8. Glass Like Lips
  2. Wrapping Up

7+ Easy Makeup Hacks for Last-Minute Friendship Day Gathering

Celebrations don’t come with an invitation. They are instant plans that require to look the trendiest among all. So, here we are with the easy makeup hacks. We hope you are going to love trying them:

1. Barbie Like Eyelashes

Barbie Like Eyelashes

Get an alluring look, enhancing overall facial attractiveness with long lashes. We know it may sound damn, but how's it possible at the last moment? But rest assured, in just 30 seconds, you will get Barbie-like eyelashes with this easy makeup hack.

How to Wear Barbie Like Eyelashes?

  1. Use an eyelash curler to lift the lashes.
  2. Apply white concealer from our De’Lanci Beauty Carver Concealer Palette on your eyelashes. It can be one of the best friendship day gifts as it’s a complete makeup kit.
  3. Swipe a coat of loose powder on your eyelashes.
  4. Take the mascara wand and coat the upper and lower lashes.

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2. Use Lipstick as an Eyeshadow

Use Lipstick as an Eyeshadow

A bold and daring look is all you need at the end of the day. No matter how you get it. So, one swipe will make your eyes pop, as this is one of the best eye makeup hacks for friendship day. You may not have eyeshadow available but still you can manage with lipstick too.

How to Use Lipstick as as Eyeshadow?

  1. Pick a lipstick matching your outfit.
  2. Swipe the lipstick on your eyelids and blend with your fingertips or a beauty blender.
Token of Advice - Carry lipstick every time with you and get any eye makeup look no matter where you are travelling. Check friendship day makeup looks & recreate them to be the fashionista.

    3. Pimple Free Flawless Face

    Pimple Free Flawless Face

    Don't be self-conscious, as we don't want your blemishes to outshine. This is one of the easy makeup hacks that will make you look confident about your appearance. Feel comfortable with a polished look by hiding your pimples.

    How to Wear a Pimple Free Flawless Face?

    1. Mix the liquid foundation as per your skin tone and some loose powder in a glass bowl.
    2. Dab the mixture on your pimple to hide it.

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    4. Winged Eyeliner using a Pen

    Winged Eyeliner using a Pen

    We can understand your struggle when you are a beginner and don't have your BFF with you to apply eyeliner. But don't stress; this is one of the easy makeup hacks that can help create eyeliner with a pen.

    How to Wear Eyeliner Using a Pen?

    1. Apply a bit of eye primer on the eyelid.
    2. Draw a line above your eyelashes with eyeliner.
    3. Place a pen near the outer corner of the eye and draw a small diagonal line.
    4. Join the line above the lash line and the small diagonal line carefully for a perfect winged eyeliner.

    Token of Advice - De'Lanci La Catrina Eyeliner Set is one of the best friendship day gifts as it’s long-lasting & highly pigmented.

    5. Complimenting Unique Lipstick Shades

    Complimenting Unique Lipstick Shades

    Beauty gets enhanced with the customization and interesting friendship day makeup looks. You can create your unique lipstick shade with an eyeshadow palette. Kindly note, this is one of the easy makeup hacks that will give you fashion & trend innovation.

    How to Wear Complimenting Unique Lipstick Shades?

    1. Take yellow, purple, and white lipstick shades.
    2. Mix 3 of them with a brush and blend them carefully to get a beautiful rose pink colour.
    3. Apply the created lipstick shade on your lips.

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    6. Color Corrector as a Lipstick

     Color Corrector as a Lipstick

    Indian skin tone is usually hyperpigmented. You may have a bluish or greenish undertone. This can be neutralized with a colour corrector. But this makeup hack for beginners is the best one, as you might not have a colour corrector available with you.

    How to Wear a Color Corrector as a Lipstick?

    1. Take red lipstick on a clean brush, fingertips or sponge.
    2. Dab the lipstick under your eyes or any dark spot for a clear skin tone.

    7. Perfect Eyebrows using Tweezers

    Perfect Eyebrows using Tweezers

      This is the perfect easy makeup hack, as tweezers are usually available. They could be better for plucking extra hair. But, they can be used during the makeup as they can help you achieve top-notch eyebrows.

      How to Wear Perfect Eyebrows Using Tweezers?

      1. Take a tweezer and a Kajal pencil.
      2. Apply the kajal on both ends of the tweezers.
      3. Place the tweezer on the dimple of your nose towards the brow for a perfect outline.
      4. Fill the colour in between the eyebrows. Make sure the brow colour should be lighter than your hair colour.

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      8. Glass Like Lips

      Glass Like Lips

      This friendship day, look super classy with glass-like lips. Trying this easy makeup hack will give you an intense finish in just 3 steps. The overall look you will get will be breathtaking, making you leave an impression on your friends.

      How to Wear Glass Like Lips?

      1. Apply a shiny lipstick shade matching your outfit.
      2. Add a layer of lip gloss to your lips.
      3. Apply a highlighter at the cupid’s bow and the center of your lips to get a glass like lips.

      Wrapping Up

      Above are the easy makeup hacks that are simple to try for friendship day gatherings. All these hacks can be tried on any Indian skin tone and would help you complete your makeup look instantly. We assure while testing them; you will feel amazed. For ease in implementing the above makeup hacks, get our De'Lanci Matte Lipstick Palette cum eyeshadow as well. Try easy makeup hacks and share in the comment section which one hack left you mind-bobbling.

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