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5 Durga Puja Makeup Look Ideas To Make You Look Best

durga puja makeup look

Festivals are just around the corner, and when we talk about festivities, how can we forget Durga Puja? It is the perfect time for the makeup goddess in you to try and experiment with different Durga Puja Makeup Look ideas. First things first, make sure the skin is clean and well hydrated. There is no substitute for healthy skin. Follow the quintessential cleanse, tone, and moisturize routine before you decide to put on any kind of makeup. We have compiled a list of 5 looks that are easy to recreate and will make you look like a goddess.

Table of contents

  1. 5 Easy and Stunning Durga Puja Makeup Look Ideas
    1. Bare makeup look
    2. Goddess glow
    3. It's all about the eyes
    4. Red alert
    5. Go bold or go home
  2. Conclusion

    5 Easy and Stunning Durga Puja Makeup Look Ideas

    Enhance your inner goddess with the below-listed Durga puja makeup looks. All these makeup looks are much more than that traditional winged eyeliner and red lipstick. Try these out & look the best to impress.

    1. Bare makeup look

    The first way to ace Durga Puja Makeup Look this year is to opt for minimal makeup. Minimalism and simplicity are elegant. Even while we adore glitzy and daring makeup that looks like precisely applied lips, smokey eyes, glitter eyeshadow accents, and more, several days, we want to appear presentable and put together before leaving the house. Our go-to Bengali Durga Puja Makeup looks for a busy day come into play here. No-makeup makeup aims to give you a naturally stunning appearance with few products and in little time.

    A proper routine (the one you follow every day) will maintain your skin appearing healthy without the need for excessive makeup, as having clean, nourished skin keeps makeup from looking overly cakey and artificial. Opt for cream products for a more natural and dewy finish. Creams have a great way of blending into one another. For instance, it blends effortlessly and seems extremely natural when a small amount of cream blush is added to a cream foundation.

    2. Goddess Glow

    Let your inner goddess Durga glow with this  Durga Puja Makeup Look. Incorporate a highlighter for dark skin on the high points of your face where the light hits first. Never undervalue that pure, ethereal radiance that is nothing less than... divine. It's your original license to experiment with the infatuation with glazed donut skin, a style that renders even the most sophisticated glam appear effortless.

    We will let you in on a little trick to get the perfect traditional Durga puja makeup look this year- Apply liquid highlighter before your foundation. Do not shy away from using gold eyeshadow and glitter eyeliners to add more charm to this look. With glossy lips and sleek hair, a champagne or rose gold shimmery look goes well.

    3. It’s all in the eyes

    We cannot talk about a classic Durga Puja Makeup Look and not talk about the cult favorite bold eye makeup. It is loved by women of all age demographics for its unique appeal. There are several ways to experiment with looks, from gothic to kohl eyes to a winged eyeliner look. To get eye makeup like professionals, check out the Eye makeup guide for beginners.

    The kohl draws attention to her eyes without changing their form, weighing them down, or worse, making them seem sluggish and untidy. Outline your top lid with a gel, liquid, or glitter eyeliner, only pausing to let it dry for a few seconds to get her eyes' perfect appearance. You can go the other way and smudge the kajal onto your upper lid, beginning it down to the lower lash line by not waiting for it to dry. You can use an eyeshadow brush to do that or use your fingers. Finish the look with a nude lip and a big bindi. You are ready to shine now.

    4. Red Alert

    You can never go wrong with red lipstick for your next Durga Puja Makeup Look. Red is such a vibrant and powerful color that it can elevate any simple look instantly. Long, thick lashes will complement the powerful, dominating red lips. We advise using coral or blue-toned lipsticks to improve your appearance and make it work for a light complexion with cool, blue undertones. On the other hand, those with a fair complexion with warm undertones should opt for reds with peach or orange undertones. But, to make your Durga Puja look more beautiful, you must follow the proper steps of applying lipstick like a pro.

    It is always helpful to know your skin's undertones with help of a guide to Indian Skintone, whether you have cool, medium, or neutral tones. For instance, dark skin with warm undertones looks best with reds. Rich skin shades with cool undertones should purchase pinks with a hint of deep browns with ample red undertones. Make sure not to indulge in too much blue with the relatively cool tones because it will turn grey fast. Complete the look with a clean bun, heavy jhumkas, and a subtle eye. The world is yours to conquer now.

    5. Go bold or go home

    The last Durga Puja Makeup Look that will make you the center of every celebration is a bold look. We have saved the best face for Navami or the last day of puja. Captivate people with your oh-so-bold avatar by accentuating your eyes with liquid eyeshadows and shimmery liners. The graphic eyeliner trend will add wonders to this look.

    There is another way to go about it. You can keep the eyes simple and achieve a bold look by applying a deep shade of lipstick. Deep brown, maroons, and purples are your best bet.

    Do not forget to apply a primer and finish the look by generously spraying a makeup setter over your face.

    In conclusion

    Acing the Durga Puja Makeup Look has never been this easy. While makeup does help in elevating your confidence level, remember that true beauty comes from within. A heart that shines from within overshadows every makeup trend out there. So, go out there and have fun by playing with any Bengali Durga Puja makeup look that we mentioned above. In the excitement, don’t forget to follow the basic makeup for beginners. Do follow them to enhance your look. 

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