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5 Different Type of Blush: How to Choose & Apply It

different type of blush

Blush is like the magic color that makes our cheeks look happy! It adds a lovely shade to the cheeks and can make anyone appear cheerful and lively. But guess what? Picking the right blush can be as tricky as finding the perfect ice cream flavor—there are just so many! In this article, we’ll talk about five types of blushes. We’ll help you understand which one might be your match and share some easy tips on how to put it on. So, if you want your cheeks to look naturally colorful and are curious about how to make it happen, keep reading!

Table of contents

  1. What is Blush
  2. Different Type of Blush
    1. Powder blush
    2. Cream blush
    3. Liquid blush
    4. Gel blush
    5. Tint blush
  3. How to choose the perfect blush for your skin and how to apply it.
    1. Dry Skin
    2. Oily Skin
    3. Combination Skin
    4. Sensitive skin
  4. Wrapping Up

What is Blush

Blush is a makeup product that people use to add color to their cheeks. It makes the face look healthy and glowing. It's available in forms like powder, cream, or liquid and is typically applied to the cheeks and blended towards the hairline. Blush comes in shades from light pink to dark red, allowing the selection of a preferred color that suits your skin tone. Blush enhances cheekbones and complements other makeup like bronzer and highlighter. Many use blush to add subtle or dramatic color to their appearance, depending on preference.



Different Types of Blush

Blush makeup comes in many kinds. There's a powder blush, which gives a natural look. Creamy blush for a dewy glow, and liquid blush for a smooth blend. But Learning how to apply blush is essential for perfect makeup. Understanding these blush types helps you achieve a perfect radiant look for your Indian skin tone.

1. Powder blush

Powder blush

Powder blush is makeup that people put on their cheeks to add color. It usually comes in a small compact case and is a pressed powder. It comes in many different colors like pinks, reds, and purples, so it can match different skin tones and looks. It’s good for people with oily skin because it can soak up extra oil and gives a matte (not shiny) finish. It helps in making the face look more lively and fresh. By putting it on, people can also make their face look a bit shaped and defined. In simple terms, powder blush is like paint for your cheeks to make them look colorful and pretty!

2. Cream blush

Cream blush

Cream blush is a makeup product that adds color to your cheeks and has a soft, creamy feel. It usually comes in small pots, stick forms, or compacts. It’s great for people with normal, dry, or older skin because it’s moisturizing and gives a natural, dewy look. Using DE'LANCI Double Headed Blush Stick blush is nice because it’s easy to blend, so it’s good for makeup beginners and experts. It can also be used on your lips or eyes, making it handy when you want a quick, matched look. It helps the skin look fresh, and young and keeps it from getting dry or flaky.

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3. Liquid blush

Liquid blush

Liquid blush is an easy-to-use makeup that adds color to your cheeks. It usually comes in a small bottle in liquid form and makes your cheeks look fresh and natural. This versatile product is suitable for all skin types and is easy to blend into your makeup and skincare routine, helping you achieve a dewy complexion. Liquid blush has the added benefit of lasting longer than powder blush, ensuring your cheeks maintain a cheerful and lively appearance throughout the day. In summary, it serves as a convenient and adaptable option for enhancing your facial color.

4. Gel blush

Gel blush

Gel blush is a simple makeup product that feels like jelly and adds a hint of color to your cheeks. It’s usually found in small tubes or pots and is known for being light and somewhat clear. It’s a favorite for those who prefer a natural look as it blends easily, and you can add more if you want to. It’s especially good for people with oily or combination skin as it’s light, doesn’t block pores, and lasts a long time, meaning no need for lots of touch-ups. Another cool thing about gel blush is that it can also be used on lips and eyelids for a matching look, making it super versatile. And applying it is a breeze – usually, a quick blend with your fingertips is all you need!

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5. Tint blush

Tint blush

Tint blush is like a special makeup for your cheeks. It's a bit watery and comes in small bottles with a brush. When you put it on, it gives your cheeks a light, long-lasting color, like a natural blush. People like it because it stays on your skin really well, especially if your skin is a bit oily. It's easy to use, makes you look fresh and awake without too much makeup, and you can even use it on your lips. Plus, you can mix it with other makeup to get the exact look you want.

How to Choose the Perfect Blush for Your Skin and How to Apply it

Choosing the perfect blush for your skin is essential for a flawless look. To get it right, start by understanding how to choose blush shades.

1. Dry Skin

Dry Skin

For people with dry skin, it’s usually better to use cream blush instead of powder blush. Cream blush is soft and helps to keep the skin moist, making it look smooth and shiny, but in a good way! It blends well and doesn’t highlight dry or flaky skin. It’s great for dry or older skin because it doesn’t show lines or pores on the face.

How to apply cream blush on dry skin

  1. Start with a well-moisturized face using a hydrating primer or moisturizer to create a smooth canvas for your blush.
  2. Opt for cream blush formulas as they provide moisture and a dewy finish, which complements dry skin.
  3. Use your fingers or a makeup sponge to apply a small amount of blush to the apples of your cheeks. Blend gently to avoid disturbing your skin's texture.
  4. Build the blush gradually by adding more if needed. This prevents caking or emphasizing dry patches.
  5. Finish with a setting spray to lock in moisture and give your skin a fresh, radiant look.

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2. Oily Skin

oily skin

For people with oily skin, it’s best to use powder blush. This is because it’s light and can soak up extra oil, giving a shine-free look. This type of blush sticks well to oily skin and lasts longer without getting cakey. When picking a blush, go for one that doesn’t have oil and won’t block pores. This is really important for people who get acne. Also, choose blushes that are matte, not shiny, because shiny blushes can make oily skin look even shinier.

How to apply powder blush on Oily skin

  1. Begin with a clean face that's moisturized. Use a primer without oil to make your skin smooth before applying blush.
  2. Choose a matte or satin-finish powder blush for oily skin. Avoid cream or liquid formulas which can worsen oiliness. If you have oily skin, avoid some ingredients known to exacerbate.
  3. Use a blush brush to lightly dust the blush onto the apples of your cheeks, blending it upwards and outwards towards your temples. Apply sparingly to prevent overloading your skin with products.
  4. Be cautious not to apply blush to the T-zone (forehead, nose, and chin), as these areas tend to be oilier. Focus on the cheeks for a natural, shine-free look.
  5. After applying blush, lightly dust a matte loose powder over your face, paying extra attention to the areas prone to oiliness. This step helps lock in your makeup and control shine throughout the day.

3. Combination Skin

Combination Skin

If you have combination skin, meaning your skin is both dry and oily in different areas, it's usually best to use powder blush. Powder blush works well because it can soak up the extra oil and lessen shine, especially around the forehead, nose, and chin, giving your skin a balanced and smooth look. Use a powder blush that you can apply lightly and add more if you need to, so it doesn’t look too thick or clumpy on your skin.

How to apply powder blush on Combination Skin

  1. Start with a clean, moisturized face. Use a lightweight, oil-free moisturizer to balance the dry and oily areas on your combination skin.
  2. Select a powder blush that complements your skin’s undertone and texture. For combination skin, a buildable formula is ideal, allowing you to control the intensity and avoid cakiness.
  3. Smile and locate the "apples" of your cheeks. Apply the blush in a gentle, upward motion on these areas. Blend well to avoid harsh lines.
  4. Since combination skin can have both dry and oily patches, avoid overloading the product. Start with a small amount and build up the color gradually.
  5. To help your blush stay in place, lightly dust a translucent setting powder over your cheeks. This step can also control excess shine in oily areas.

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4. Sensitive skin

Sensitive skin

For sensitive skin, hypoallergenic and fragrance-free cream or liquid blushes are generally recommended, as they are less likely to cause irritation and can offer a more natural look. However, a hypoallergenic powder blush can also be a good option, especially for those with a combination of oily skin types.

How to apply cream or liquid blush on Sensitive skin

  1. Start with a clean and well-moisturized face to ensure a smooth base, and apply a gentle, suitable primer if needed, especially if the skin is sensitive.
  2. Apply a small amount of cream or liquid blush initially to avoid over-application and potential irritation; it's easier to build up intensity than to tone it down.
  3. Use clean fingers or a soft makeup sponge to gently tap and blend the blush onto the apples of the cheeks, avoiding harsh rubbing or dragging to prevent irritation.
  4. If more color is desired, slowly build up layers until the desired intensity is reached, allowing each layer to settle before applying the next one.
  5. For longevity, especially for oily skin types, lightly set the blush with a translucent powder suitable for sensitive skin, using a soft brush to avoid disturbing the blush underneath.

Wrapping up

Picking the right blush and putting it on can make your makeup look amazing. You can try different types like creamy or powdery ones for different effects. It doesn't matter if your face is round or has sharp angles; there's a De’Lanci Double Headed Blush stick that can make you look even better. Just remember to determine your skin type, skin color, and how you want it to look. Once you learn how to do it, you can make your face glow beautifully. If you have any questions or tips about blush, share them in the comments. We'd love to hear from you!

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