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10+ Bollywood Inspired New Year Makeup Looks for Indian Skins in 2023

bollywood inspired new year makeup looks

Another year is ended. We all learned, failed, excelled, smiled, and cried this Year. Let's try to brush up on our makeup skills in 2023. If you are willing to make a new years resolution, let it be about your looks. Promise yourself that you will be kinder to your skin, and follow the three-step skincare routine(cleansing, Toning, and Moisturizing). Now, whether you are planning to celebrate the New Year alone with a tub of ice cream or going out with your friends, these new year creative makeup looks are a great option to try.

Table of contents

  1. 10+ Bollywood-Inspired New Year Makeup Looks for Indian Skins in 2023
    1. Strong fluffy brows
    2. Monochrome makeup
    3. Fresh face makeup
    4. Bold smokey eyes
    5. Barely there makeup
    6. Shimmer eyes
    7. Graphic eyeliner
    8. Maroon lip
    9. 90s glam look
    10. Coral makeup
    11. Ombre makeup
  2. Wrapping up

10+ Bollywood-Inspired New Year Makeup Looks for Indian Skins in 2023

It is observed that people get more creative around the New Year. Maybe it's their latent skills coming to the surface or their zest to try new things with a new year. This is why we have created a list of some fun and beginner-friendly New Year Makeup looks in 2023. This Year, try things you have never tried before. Let's get started.

1. Strong fluffy brows

Eyebrows are one of the essential features of your face. A full brow gives a youthful look, while thin eyebrows provide a more mature appearance.

How to do strong fluffy eyebrows makeup?

  • You can use a brow gel to shape and control your brows.
  • Use an eyebrow pencil similar to your hair color and draw small strokes to resemble the contour of your eyebrows if you have scanty eyebrows.
  • To brighten the face, add a splash of color to your lips from our DE'LANCI 18 Colors La Catrina Lipstick Palette.

2. Monochrome makeup

Monochrome is the way to go when you want a 5-minute makeup. All you have to do is pick one color and use it for your eyes, cheeks, and lips.

How to do monochrome makeup?

3. Fresh face makeup

Fresh face makeup refers to the makeup that looks like you have just come out of the shower. This is one of our favorite new year party makeup looks as its effortless and gorgeous.

How to do fresh face makeup?

  • To create this look, you need to stick to warm earthy tones like this DE’LANCI 9 Colors Leopard Nude Eyeshadow palette.
  • This makeup style is meant to make you look flawless and glowing. This gives off the impression that you just cleansed your face, which is radiant from within.
  • Cleanse your face for a flawless complexion.

4. Bold smokey eyes

If you want to wow everyone with your makeup skills, smokey eyes are the way to go. You can use any color combination for a bold smokey eye.

How to do Bold smokey eyes?

  • Apply lighter shade from DE'LANCI Pressed Glitter Eyeshadow Palette all over the lid.
  • Use the darker shade on the outer corners and blend to smooth out any harsh edges.
  • Next, use a black eye pencil and make a wing going outwards. Apply mascara, and you are good to go.

5. Barely there makeup

Although it appears straightforward, this makeup look needs effort. Make sure to adhere to the fundamentals if you want to master this simple look for the new years party.

How to do Barely there makeup?

  • To achieve a more youthful look, use BB or CC cream.
  • Use De'Lanci Concealer Palette to hide any flaws or blemishes.
  • For this makeup, you should curl your lashes to open them up, use mascara, and omit applying any eyeshadow.

6. Shimmer eyes

A touch of glitter can elevate any makeup look. Whether it's a workplace New years party or casual get-together, it's a terrific party makeup look.

How to do shimmer eyes?

  • Apply a primer on your eyelids to achieve this effect.
  • Apply a nude pink shade from DE'LANCI 18 Colors Desert Rose Eyeshadow Palette to the crease line and blend it with an eyeshadow brush.
  • Next, using a dark color, mix it outwardly into the outer corners of the lids. Now dab some shimmery eyeshadow on your top.

7. Graphic eyeliner

Using eyeliner to bring focus to the eyes is the key point of this look. So, imagine what colored eyeliners can do.

How to make Graphic eyeliner?

  • To recreate this look, do your makeup as usual but when it comes to eyeliner, use gel eyeliner or liquid eyeliner like DE'LANCI La Catrina Liquid Glitter Eyeliner set and create interesting shapes on your eyes.
  • There is no definite shape, Be creative with it. If you make a mistake, dip the q-tip in a makeup-removing solution and wipe it off.

8. Maroon lip

New year celebration can’t be a blasting one without dark lips. Our New Year Makeup Looks can’t be complete without this simple and alluring look.

How to do Maroon lip?

  • To achieve this look, keep your face matte and luminous.
  • Take your favorite dark lip color from our DE'LANCI Matte Lipstick set Nude Waterproof Lipstick as Maroon is a universally flattering color.
  • Apply the lip color on your lips.
  • Take tissue paper and blot your lips to remove any excess product.

9. 90s glam look

People were open to trying new looks in 90s. So, lets bid farewell to 2022 by creating a 90s-inspired look.

How to do 90s look?

  • Take a black gel liner and draw a thick wing on your upper lashes.
  • You can use a dark lip color or go with nude lipstick like DE’LANCI Multicolor Aesthetics Matte Lipsticks and top it up with clear lip gloss.
  • Keep the remainder of your appearance tidy and glowing.

10. Coral makeup

Coral shades look fresh and are universally flattering. Using them correctly you enhance your overall look.

How to do Coral makeup?

  • To recreate this look, take your favorite DE'LANCI 54 Color La Catrina Eyeshadow palette which is a multi-colored eyeshadow palette, and use colors from it.
  • You can even apply coral glitter pigments gently on your eyelids for a fairy-like effect.

11. Ombre lip makeup

This is one of our favorite New Year Makeup Looks. This look can be achieved by trying different lip color combinations and using the contrast to highlight.

How to do Ombre lip?

  • Our personal favorite is maroon and red from our DE'LANCI 25 Color Matte Lipstick Palette.
  • A touch of glam is added to the face by lining the lips with a dark maroon lip pencil darker than the lipstick and filling the remaining area with bright cherry red.

Wrapping Up

We hope you have great ideas to create a new version of yourself with the above New Year Makeup Looks. Keep shining with our De’Lanci makeup collection. Go crazy, and don't forget to comment your favorite makeup look. Shine bright like your favorite Bollywood celebrity. Stay Tuned & keep reading.

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