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8+ Best Bengali Bridal Makeup Looks To Inspire For Your Special Day in 2023

best bengali bridal makeup looks

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a Bengali bride? Allow us to answer this. Big expressive eyes with a giant red bindi on the forehead are carried toward the wedding mandap. The entire audience is in awe of the bride and her ethereal aura. Bengali weddings are full of fun, dance, and loads of rasgullas. If you are going to be a bride soon & getting sleepless nights to choose a best Bengali bridal makeup look. Get inspired by these Bengali bridal makeup ideas.

Table of content

  1. List of Best Bengali Bridal Makeup Looks To Inspire
    1. Bold and Black
    2. Golden Bride
    3. Neoclassic look
    4. Dual Winged eyeliner
    5. Kalka Bride
    6. Gold on the eyes
    7. Power of mauve
    8. Fiery Red
    9. Blend of colors
  2. Some Pro Tips for Wearing Simple Bengali Bridal Makeup Look
  3. Wrapping up 

List of Best Bengali Bridal Makeup Looks To Inspire

Get the inspiration for amazing Bengali bridal makeup looks that are listed below. Pick the best one for you and look amazing: 

1. Bold and Black

Bold and Black makeup look

Bengali women are the epitome of strong facial features and even bolder spirits. This bold black look represents their fierce nature and tender soul. This is one of the most loved Bengali bridal makeup looks.

How to get the look bold and black makeup look?

  • Start with your base makeup, and make sure to keep it matte.
  • Take a neutral color from the DE'LANCI 9 Colors Leopard Nude Eyeshadow Palette and blend it all on your eyelids.
  • For the look, you need to draw thick winged eyeliner with black gel eyeliner.
  • Finish the look with a red or maroon lipstick.

2. Golden Bride

Golden bride makeup look

Nothing compares to the heavenly innate glow that comes naturally when a girl is going to be a bride. But if you want to add more glow to your simple Bengali bridal makeup look, look no further. You can check other engagement makeup looks as well.

How to get the look golden bride makeup look?

  • Begin the makeup with a dewy base
  • Apply coral blush on the apples of your cheeks. 
  • For the look, you need to add a highlighter on the high points of your face.
  • We suggest using DE'LANCI Multi-functional Dual-Ended Stick. They are pigmented, long-lasting, and glide smoothly.

3. Neoclassic look

Neoclassic makeup look

This makeup look is for the brides-to-be who want to mix traditional and modern elements in their wedding makeup and are looking for neoclassical Bengali bridal makeup ideas. The look can be easily created and is great for summer weddings.

How to get the look neoclassic makeup look?

  • Use a matte primer and apply it all over your face.
  • Put a foundation closest to your skin color and blend it with a brush.
  • Apply a darker brown shade on the outer corner of your eyes, blending outwards. This will give your eyes a glamorous, smokey effect.
  • Finish the look by applying red matte lipstick like  DE'LANCI Multicolor Aesthetics Matte Lipsticks.

    4. Dual Winged eyeliner

    Dual Winged Eyeliner Makeup look

    We have created this look for our bold Bengali beauties. This Bengali bridal eye makeup look focuses on emphasizing the eyes. It is modern and fierce, just like our bride-to-be. This look also looks good on our south Indian brides.

    How to get the dual winged eyeliner makeup look?

    • Do your regular base routine with a glowy base.
    • Take a warm coral shade and blend it. Apply a darker peach or pink color on the outer corner of the eyes, blending outwards.
    • Apply coral blush on the apples of your cheeks. We suggest using DE'LANCI Multi-functional Double-headed Blush Stick
    • Draw a winged eyeliner with a gel liner, and add another one on top of it.

    5. Kalka Bride

    Kalka bride makeup look

    Kalka is a stunning pattern made with red Kumkum and Chandan. Any Simple Bengali bridal makeup look is incomplete without this beautiful ceremony. It proves you are connected to your roots.

    How to get the look Kalka bride makeup look?

    • Start the makeup with a fresh face. 
    • Draw a winged eyeliner with a gel liner. add mascara. You can also use black eyeshadow to draw a winged liner. We suggest using DE'LANCI 9 Colors Panda Black Grey Eyeshadow Palette
    • Get your Kalka drawn on your forehead.
    • Finish the look with a red or maroon lipstick.

      6. Gold on the eyes

        Gold on eyes makeup look

        All our flamboyant Bengali brides-to-be! Pay attention. This is one of the Bengali bridal makeup looks you have been looking for. This look demands incorporating gold pigments in your eye makeup. It is a great festive look as well.

        How to get the look gold on eyes makeup look?

        • Your base makeup should be matte and fresh looking.
        • Take a warm brown shade and blend it. 
        • Apply a darker brown color on the outer corner of the eyes, blending outwards.
        • Make the look more dramatic by adding gold pigments or gold color glitter eyeshadow on your eyelids. Try DE'LANCI Pressed Glitter Eyeshadow Palette

        7. Power of mauve

        Power of the mauve look

        Now it is time for our Bengali beauties who have been on the hunt for a no makeup Bengali bridal look. This look does not ask for much but still looks breathtaking. It includes a lot of nude and mauve elements.

        How to get the look power of the mauve look?

        • Apply matte foundation and color corrector to give your skin a blemish-free look.
        • Apply concealer one shade lighter to your skin tone on the problem areas and blend well.
        • Take DE'LANCI 54 Color La Catrina Eyeshadow palette and pick a subtle pink or peach eyeshadow. Blend outwards and upwards.
        • Finish the look with mauvish nude lipstick.

          8. Fiery Red

          Fiery red makeup look

          Red is the color of weddings and auspicious occasions. This look asks for shades of red in eyeshadow, lipsticks, blush, and, of course, in the Kalka. It is one of our personal favorite Bengali bridal makeup looks.

          How to get the fiery red makeup look?

          • Keep the base minimal by using a lightweight foundation and concealer.
          • Pick a red shade lip color and apply it to your lips. Make sure your eyeshadow and blush colors are all in the same family of red.
          • Apply highlighters such as DE'LANCI Multi-functional Dual-ended Highlighter Stick on the bridge of your nose and your cheekbone.

          9. Blend of colors

          Blend of color makeup look

          This is the last look on our list of Bengali bridal makeup looks. Why stick to one color when you can have a bunch of them. Incorporate different colors, such as white, yellow, and orange, to create this ethereal bridal makeup look.

          How to get the blend of color makeup look? 

          Some Pro Tips for Wearing Simple Bengali Bridal Makeup Look

          • Ensure you get the Kalka done when your makeup and hair are done.
          • Skincare is as important as a healthy diet. Include gentle skin products to get healthy-looking skin.
          • Keep yourself hydrated and drink at least 8 glasses of water for stay hydrated all day.
          • If you have hired a makeup artist, make sure they are aware of the makeup look you have in mind.

          Wrapping up 

          This brings us to the end of our blog. We hope you enjoyed reading this and got plenty of inspiration for your Bengali bridal makeup looks. If you want to learn more about creating these looks and more makeup tutorials, you can check out our Instagram and Youtube pages. Shop now De'lanci La Catrina Eyeshdaow palette available on our website.

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