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7+ Stunning Gudi Padwa Makeup Looks for a Glamorous Look in 2023

Gudi pawda makeup looks

Gudi Padwa marks the beginning of the new year for Konkani and Marathi Hindus. The festival is celebrated with gratitude and Joy for the upcoming season. It signifies the arrival of spring in the lives of people. Why not become a part of this religious celebration by donning different Gudi Padwa Makeup Looks? All the looks are crafted to keep the festival's essence in mind. Along with gorgeous Gudi Padwa Maharashtrian Makeup looks, we have also listed eight great tips to make the best of your makeup. If you are interested, then continue reading and prepare to get amazed.

Table of Content

  1. List of Stunning Gudi Padwa Makeup looks for 2023
    1. Contemporary Pink
    2. Divine Red
    3. Marathi Glory
    4. Joy in Shimmer
    5. Royal look
    6. Envious Green
    7. Elegant Beauty
    8. Natural Elegance
  2. 7+ Tips for Wearing Gudi Padwa Makeup Look
    1. Skin prep
    2. Make lipstick transfer proof
    3. Less is more
    4. Primer is essential
    5. Nothing is permanent
    6. Prevent product fallout
    7. A brush can make the difference
    8. Makeup setting 
  1. Wrapping up 

List of Stunning Gudi Padwa Makeup looks for 2023

Gudi Padwa brings happiness and prosperity by marking the onset of the fertile season. Show the world how you celebrate it with our Gudi Padwa Makeup Looks.

1. Contemporary Pink

This look is as youthful as it is simple. It requires a pop of color on the lips while keeping the rest of the look simple. This look is perfect for girls who want to match their bright lip color with an equally vibrant saree.

Contemporary Pink Look

How to get the Contemporary Pink Look?

Step 1- Start by using a makeup primer all over the face.
Step 2- Now apply foundation and concealer and to set these two products use loose powder.
Step 3- The hero of this look is the bright pink lip color. We recommend using DE'LANCI 25 Color Matte Lipstick Palette to find the perfect shade of pink. You can even blend two colors to make the lip color of your choice. Check out how to blend two lip colors as per your requirement. 

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2. Divine Red

This look is one of our most hyped Gudi Padwa Makeup Looks. It is perfect for our Marathi mulgis. This look exudes tradition and love for customs. The look is created using the blockbuster combination of pink eyeshadows and bright red lipstick.

Divine Red Look

How to get the Divine Red Makeup Look?

Step 1- Start with priming your face and eyelids.

Step 2- Apply Dusty Rose from DE'LANCI 18 Colors Desert Rose Eyeshadow Palette and apply it all over your eyelids.

Step 3- Then, use Rose Red from the same palette on the outer corner blending it outwards to get the perfect smokey effect.

Step 4- Finish the look with a red matte lipstick.

3 . Marathi Glory

Let your authentic Marathi side rejoice in this gudi padwa special makeup. We have created this look to highlight traditional jewelry pieces. This look is perfect for all skin tones and looks ethereal when paired with the Nauvari saree.

Marathi Glory Look

How to get the Marathi Glory Makeup look?

Step 1- Apply a silicon-based primer on your face to blur out open pores and imperfections.

Step 2- Apply the color Coal from DE'LANCI 9 Colors Panda Black Grey Eyeshadow Palette and apply it on the center of the eyelids.

Step 3- Then, apply the color Midnight from the same palette on the outer corner giving a dark smokey appearance.

Step 4- Finish the look with red chandrakor bindi, and you are done.

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4. Joy in Shimmer

Trust us, we are a fan of heavy-duty glam, but sometimes all we need is simple, understated makeup with a bit of shimmer on the eyes. Do you feel the same way that this makeup look is perfect for you? Let's see how you can recreate this.

Joy in Shimmer

How to get the Joy in shimmer Look?

Step 1- Start priming your eyelids with an eyeshadow primer.

Step 2- Apply the color Nude from DE'LANCI 9 Colors Leopard Nude Eyeshadow Palette, and we can promise you, you will thank us for this recommendation.

Step 3- Then, take the color Bronze from the same palette and apply it to the center of the lid. It is a gorgeous shimmery shade.

Step 4- Finish the look with a stroke of mascara.

5. Royal look

This look in our Gudi Padwa Makeup Looks list is ideally made for Marathi and Konkani beauties who want to show off their regal side. The look does not require professional makeup skills apart from heavy contouring. This look is especially perfect for dusky girls.

Royal look

How to get the Royal Makeup look?

Step 1- Start priming your face and eyelids with a good-quality primer. This will provide a smooth canvas for makeup.

Step 2- Apply a foundation that provides medium to high coverage using a damp beauty blender. Cover your blemishes with a concealer.

Step 3- Take a contour in the shade Chocolate from DE'LANCI Multifunctional Double-ended Contouring Stick and apply it on the side of your forehead, below your jawline and cheekbones.

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6. Envious Green

Who says you must wear red and pink to look your best at this Gudi Padwa? This year, surprise everyone with your glamorous green eyeshadow look. The look requires an expert set of hands so you need to practice before mastering this look.

Envious Green Look

How to get the Envious Green Makeup look?

Step 1- Start priming your eyelids with an eyeshadow primer. This will keep the eyeshadow colors from creasing and falling out.

Step 2- Use the color Shock from the DE'LANCI 54 Color La Catrina Eyeshadow and swipe it across your eyelids. Take Spotlight from the same palette and blend it using an eyeshadow brush. Use the color Winner and apply it to the outer corners.

Step 3- Give a final touch by applying black matte eyeliner.

6. Elegant Beauty

Elegance never goes out of style. This look is effervescent and is perfect for all age groups. So whether you are newly married, getting ready for your first Gudi Padwa after marriage or a graceful grandmother, this makeup look will add worldly charm to your beauty.

Elegant Beauty

How to get the Elegant Beauty Look?

Step 1- Use a tinted moisturizer or BB cream instead of foundation on your face.

Step 2- The highlight of this look is the natural flush, so use a blush that is pigmented and easily blendable. We recommend using DE'LANCI Multifunctional Double-headed Blush Stick in the shade Hickey. Use the inbuilt brush to blend it onto your skin.

Step 3- Finish the look with dark lipstick by applying the Kudi lipstick shade from our De’Lanci Matte Lipstick Set Nude Waterproof Lipstick 8 Colors.

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7. Natural Elegance

If you are a fan of minimal makeup looks, you have found your true match here. The look is highly beginner friendly and is one of the easiest Gudi Padwa Makeup Looks. Take a peek at how to create this magnificent look.

Natural Elegance

How to get the Natural Elegance Makeup Look?

Step 1- Use light coverage concealer to hide drake circles and blemishes. You can use your fingers to blend the concealer onto your skin.

Step 2- Take a brow pencil and make your brows look fuller. Set the product using a brow gel.

Step 3- Get that goddess glow by applying DE'LANCI Multifunctional Dual-ended Highlighter Stick in the shade Elf on the high points of your face.

7+ Tips for Wearing Gudi Padwa Makeup Looks

Now that you have taken a lot at the stunning Gudi Padwa Makeup Looks, this blog won’t be called complete without some useful and practical tips to make the most of your makeup.Have a look!

1. Skin prep

Skin prep

Your makeup will turn good only if you have clean and hydrated skin. Invest in cleanser, toner, and moisturizer, and follow a skincare routine.

2. Make lipstick transfer-proof

lipstick transfer-proof

To make your matte lipstick transfer-proof, apply your lipstick as usual and then dab loose powder over your lips with a fluffy brush.Line your lips with lipliner first.

3. Less is more

Heavy Eye Makeup

When it comes to heavy eye makeup, always use less product first and blend it properly.You can use just one eyeshadow color for the entire lid. The key is to blend it properly.

4. Primer is essential

Primer is essential

Primer will give you a smooth canvas to work on and make your makeup long-lasting and glowy.Apply it before applying your foundation and concealer.Use your fingers to blend it onto your skin.

5. Pay attention to eyebrows

Pay attention to eyebrows

Eyebrows are an essential part of makeup. They give structure to your face and provide a natural facelift. Do not over tweeze your eyebrows and use a spoolie brush to brush them upwards.

6. Prevent product fallout

Prevent product fallout

When you use glitter or shimmer eyeshadow, they are bound to fall out. Use a fluffy clean brush to swipe them off your face.

7. A brush can make a difference

Difference Of the Brush

We are all about using beauty blenders and makeup puffs for applying makeup, but if you want to achieve precision and mastery, use makeup brushes.

8. Makeup setting 

Makeup setting

Setting your makeup is as important as applying primer. Use a glowy makeup setting spray after you are happy with your makeup look.

Wrapping up 

That concludes our Gudi Padwa Makeup Looks. We wish you a happy and prosperous Gudi Padwa. May all your makeup dreams come true this year.If there is one product that you can use to change your entire makeup look, use DE'LANCI Matte Lipstick Set Nude Waterproof Lipstick 8 colors. The lipsticks are transfer proof and glide like butter. To learn more about makeup and beauty, head over to our Youtube and Instagram and become a makeup expert in no time.

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