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Easy Bhai Dooj Makeup Tutorial For 2022

easy bhai dooj makeup tutorial

Now that the festive season has arrived, it's that time of year when you prepare to look your finest. We have endless possibilities to dress up and take countless selfies at festivals. Social media is already bursting with fashionable makeup looks that will be trendy over the festive season. We found the dewy Bhai-dooj makeup for you to wear during the Bhai-Dooj season.

Table of Contents:

  1. 10 Steps to Perfect Bhai-dooj makeup
    1. Prepare your skin
    2. Glowy foundation
    3. For your brows
    4. Subtly smoky eyes
    5. Eyeliner game
    6. Mascara secret
    7. Blush beauty
    8. Glowy finish
    9. Dewy Lips/Bold Lips
    10. Finishing Tips
  2. The Final Touch-Up!

    10 Steps to Perfect Bhai Dooj Makeup

    Here are the steps for a Bhai-dooj makeup tutorial festive makeup look for all you beauty enthusiasts.

    Step 1: Prepare your skin

    Wash and clean your face with a cleanser best suited for your skin type. After cleansing and exfoliating, use a toner to balance out your skin's pH for a smoother, brighter appearance. This will also help any makeup remain soft for your Bhai dooj makeup look. Try using an oil-free moisturizer as well, as it will absorb fast and provide enough moisture for your skin. Then it's time for SUNSCREEN; never forget to apply sunscreen before doing your makeup. Go for any 50SPF+++ sunscreen. Apply primer onto the T-zones of your face and blend using your fingers for a smooth, fresh-faced canvas for makeup.

    Step 2: Glowy Foundation

    Blend one pump of foundation with DE'LANCI NEW 6 Color Highlighter Palette to create the lightest, most luminous base on the back of your hand. Create this dewy blend, tap it in the middle of your face, and then spread it around with the suitable makeup brush to give the appearance of fresher skin for your Bhai dooj makeup. Checkout different types of brushes and their uses articulated by professional to get perfect look.

    • Conceal a bit: While it may be tempting to cover up every apparent flaw with concealer, the truth is that most people aren't bothered by the spot or discoloration you've been fixated on. Therefore, dab concealer where you truly feel you need it, such as under your eyes or flushed cheeks, instead of covering your entire face with it. When lightly put in with your ring finger, a lighter concealer color will quickly hide traces of exhaustion.

    Step 3: For your Brows

    Unexpectedly, brows have a more significant effect on your eye makeup on Bhai dooj for a natural appearance. If you make them look overly "done," by traditional diwali makeup tutorial will quickly go from barely there to bold. With Brow Shaper, use the built-in brush to tease hairs upwards to create a brushed-up finish that will give your arches a little more full without making them overly sculpted. After adding a few short, precise, hair-like strokes of definition with the pencil end, add a coat of eyebrow gel mascara to fill and retain your brow shape.

    Step 4: Subtly Smoky Eyes

    Your Bhai dooj makeup is incomplete without smokey eyes. Choose a DE'LANCI 54 Color La Catrina Eye shadow Palette. First, take the darkest shade from the contouring palette with a small, fluffy brush, brushing it back and forth across the eye line to form a diffused "C" shape. A warm neutral hue from the pressed glitter eyeshadow palette should be applied over the cream to set it. The upper lash line should then be painted with the deepest tint. Take your darkest eyeshadow shade, and use your eyeshadow brush to smudge it a little down. Don't hesitate to smooth it down from the eyelashes by blending it downward. Your smoky eye makeup on Bhai dooj is sorted.

    Step 5: Eyeliner Game

    For eyeliner you can choose either natural eye makeup look or learn how to apply eyeliner. Simply substitute a coffee or caramel tone for your standard black liquid recipe to provide a subtle definition. Because it adds a hint of seductive, attention-grabbing Masccolor without the drama of a jet-black liner, kohl pencil is perfect for tracing down your upper and lower lash lines.

    Step 6: Mascara Secret

    Brown mascara will become the new star of your makeup collection if you want to get a fuller fluttering that looks natural and highlights the whites of your eyes. You can still get all the extending and plumping power you love from brown tint black mascara, but the finish is softer and goes great with a natural makeup look. Apply mascara, dipping the wand into the roots and zigzagging through to the ends for a shiny, even application for full, natural-looking lashes.

    Step 7: Blush Beauty

    Add a little tint to your Bhai dooj makeup. It all boils down to the formula you select, and make sure you apply the blusher to the proper area if you want it to look natural. So let's start with the recipe. Our recommendation for a rosy glow that appears to emanate from within is a creamy blush Palette. Pick your favorite creamy blush color, then warm it up by swirling your fingertip in the pot. After that, grin and pat blush with two fingers over your cheeks' apples before blending it up to your cheeks for a natural-looking glow. To give a warm tone to your skin, finish by lightly patting bronzer under your cheekbones and along the outside of your face.

    Step 8: Glowy Finish

    A little more glow is beneficial. Use a little highlighter to get glowing. Warm up the sparkling edge with your highlighter using your fingertips, dab it high up on your cheeks and browbones and blend it under your eyebrow arches to subtly shape. For a quick, natural-looking brightness, tap highlighter down the center of your nose, the top of your cupid's bow, and the tip of your chin.

    Step 9: Dewy Lips/ Bold Lips

    Lipstick - the final essential of your Bhai dooj makeup tutorial. You may complete your natural look by highlighting your lips with a glossy, dewy tint. We all adore moisturizing lip colors in creamy, glossy tones. Apply DE'LANCI Matte Lipstick set smoothly with a blending motion for a refined sweep of pinky-peachy color or lightly blot for a nearly-nude appearance. And, for a rich look, try a bold red, brown, or bright fuchsia pink to glam up the natural makeup. Use long-lasting transfer-proof lipstick. Checkout the Guide to Lipstick makeup by our experts, that will help you to get the professional level look. 

    Step 10: Finishing Tips

    Any makeup's preferred final touch is a setting spray, and this is a basic Bhai dooj makeup tip. It can revive your makeup and seal it for a natural appearance that lasts all day. Various formulations of setting sprays are available now that mattify, moisturize, and even incorporate lighting pigments to encourage a glow.

    The Final Touch-Up!

    Why wait now that you have the best Bhai dooj makeup to try this year? Be ready to recreate your favorite dewy makeup look while you get dressed, grab the necessities, and glam up your festivities with our tutorial. You can also recreate the Celeb-Inspired Diwali Makeup Looks this season & rock the festivities like never before. Shop now for premium quality makeup products from De’lanci. Subscribe to the newsletters to get latest updates.

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