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7+ Punjabi Bridal Makeup Looks You Must Consider For Your Special Day

punjabi bridal makeup looks

Punjabi weddings are filled with love, laughter, butter chicken, and foot-tapping music. But you know what the one thing that overshadows all of it is? The gorgeous bride. Everything comes to a halt when she enters. We know you have your wedding lehenga and jewellery ready for your big day. To make things easier for you, we have brought eight stunning Punjabi Bridal Makeup Looks that you can discuss with your makeup artist. Pick the one that best suits your aesthetic and looks breathtaking at your wedding.

Let’s dive in!

Table of content

List of Best Punjabi Bridal Makeup Looks in 2023

1. Traditional Red

Red Makeup Look

Red is the color of femininity, passion, and prosperity. This is why in Indian traditions, it is considered auspicious for the bride to wear a red trousseau. We say one can change the color of the lehenga but red is a must for Punjabi bridal makeup looks.

How to get the traditional red makeup look?

  • It is essential to pick the perfect red shade. Ask your makeup artist to try different red shades on you and select the one that suits you the most. We suggest using the DE'LANCI Multicolor Aesthetics Matte Lipsticks 
  • The look requires a matte base, so make sure your primer and foundation give that matte effect.
  • Go with matte lipsticks for this look, and avoid glitter or gloss.

2. Earthy tones

      Punjabi bridal makeup look

      There is something so calming about using earthy, warm tones in your makeup. These shades look good on Indian skin tones and especially wheatish complexions. This is also a great Punjabi bridal makeup look because it is so simple and elegant.

      How to get the earthy tones makeup look?

      • As this look leans toward a more minimal side, ask your makeup artist to include muted shades.
      • The key here is balance. The eyeshadow should complement the lip and cheek colors and not overwhelm them.
      • Use an eyeshadow palette that includes several nude and earthy tones, like DE'LANCI 9 Colors Leopard Nude Eyeshadow Palette

      3. That Bronze glow

      Bronze glow Look

      Do you want to look like a bronze goddess that has descended from the heavens? This is one of the best Punjabi bridal makeup looks suitable for almost everyone. The makeup looks great no matter what color your wedding outfit is.

      How to get the bronze glow makeup look?

      • Let your makeup artist know that you want a luminous look. They will work accordingly.
      • Ask your makeup artist to pay extra attention to your cheekbones, brow, and temples. Highlighting these areas will make you shine like a diamond. We suggest using DE'LANCI Multi-functional Dual-ended Highlighter Stick 
      • To add the extra glam element, use bronze lip gloss over your lip color.

      4. Sparkly eyes

        Sparkly eyes Look

        Sparkly eyes that look ethereal are the look we are going for here. Fresh, dewy makeup with glittery eyes is a perfect example of Modern Punjabi bridal makeup. It is bold and chic yet has an element of mischief, just like our mischievous Punjabi bride.

        How to get the sparkly eye makeup look?

        • For this look, your makeup artist will start with a dewy primer, followed by foundation and concealer.
        • They will pay extra attention to your eyes.
        • Instead of a classic smokey eye, the makeup artist will use glitter eyeshadow, such as  DE'LANCI Pressed Glitter Eyeshadow Palette for your eyes.

        5. Natural Bride

        Natural bride makeup look

        This is one of the most loved looks amongst our Punjabi bridal makeup looks for minimal Punjabi brides. These brides-to-be want to look sophisticated and straightforward. They do want over-the-top makeup. Instead, they prefer natural-looking bridal makeup.

        How to get the natural bride makeup look?

        • The look does not require bright or bold colors. The beauty of this makeup face lies in its simplicity.
        • The first step is a dewy primer that blurs the open pores and fine lines.
        • A foundation that matches the skin color followed by a De’lanci Multifunction concealer palette.
        • Using a bright blush such as a blush stick will look breathtaking.

        6. Lush Hair 

          Lush hair makeup look

          Punjabi women are world-famous for their voluminous locks. This is why we decided to incorporate this look as one of the Punjabi bridal makeup looks into our list. A glowy makeup paired with gorgeous hair is the bridal look of our dreams.

          How to get the lush hair makeup look?

          • Tell your makeup artist that you want to keep your hair open for your wedding day. This will help them in creating a perfect makeup look for you.
          • Get that bridal glow by applying a De’lanci Highlighter stick on the high points of your cheeks.
          • Opt for a gloss or satin lip color.
          • You can draw extra attention o your hair by adding a simple maang tikka.

          7. Nude pink

          Nude Pink Makeup look

          Pink is an underrated and beautiful color perfect for a daytime Gurudwara wedding. It exudes delicateness and femininity. This Punjabi bridal makeup looks is done in soft pink shades. This look is ideal for brides who wish to do their makeup themself.

          How to get the nude pink makeup look?

          • Use an eyeshadow palette with various shades of pink, and use lighter shades for your eyes.
          • Apply a soft pink blush like DE'LANCI Multi-functional Double-headed Blush Stick on your cheeks for a fresh glow.
          • Use matte lipstick in rosy nude to finish off the look.

          8. Smokey eyes

            Smokey eyes makeup look

            Lastly, we have a smokey-eye Punjabi bridal makeup look for our Punjabi brides-to-be. A dark smokey eye is perfect for a nighttime wedding. The look is a cult favorite and looks good on every skin tone.

            How to get the Smokey eyes makeup look?

            • The makeup artist will start with a soft brown color for the eyelid.
            • Next, they will apply a darker grey shade for the crease and blend it properly. We suggest using DE'LANCI 9 Colors Panda Black Grey Eyeshadow Palette
            • A dark grey or black color will be around the upper lash line, followed by generous coats of mascara.

            Some Pro Tips to Consider While Having Punjabi Bridal Makeup Look

            • Ask your makeup artist to arrange a makeup trial at least two weeks before the wedding.
            • Indulge in a pre-wedding skincare ritual and take regular facials to get that inner glow.
            • Try not to take any stress as any stress shows on your face.
            • Drink at least eight glasses of water to keep the skin hydrated.
            • Do not try any chemical peels or exfoliants before your wedding day. You may get an allergic reaction.
            • Have an open channel of communication with your makeup artist.

            Final Thoughts

            If you want to learn more about creating these looks and more makeup tutorials, you can check out our Instagram and Youtube pages. And, last but not least the amazing De’Lanci makeup collection has been launched to enhance your features, don’t forget to shop your faves now. 

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